3 Reasons your Business Can’t Live Without the Hygienic Floveyor

The Hygienic Aero-Mechanical Conveyor (AMC) is a fully enclosed conveying system inherently suited to hygienic applications and is everything that your business is missing.

Here are 3 reasons your business can’t live without the Hygienic Floveyor:

  1. The Hygienic Aero-Mechanical Conveyor (AMC) meets the most stringent food safety standards. Floveyor’s Hygienic AMC is designed, engineered and manufactured in accordance with the European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group (EHEDG), GMP, AMI and 3-A, guidelines, recommendations, and standards.
  2. Cut down maintenance time with effortless cleaning Clean, validate and maintain your Floveyor Hygienic AMC in a fraction of the time you’d spend on an alternative system. Trust that you’ve minimised contamination risks from microorganisms, allergens, and foreign material.
  3. A single solution for elevating thousands of powders and granules Effortless conveying of dusty powdered products such as flour or milk power without contaminating the environment.

Furthermore, the Hygienic AMC conveys products from the finest of powders to large granules without any adjustments or issues.

WATCH: We show you how to cut down maintenance time with effortless cleaning of the AMC

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