3 Ways to Minimise Operational Costs and Maximise Production Efficiency in your Business with the Industrial Floveyor

Exceed your performance goals with the Industrial Floveyor

In a global marketplace that demands you to be competitive, we are here to give you 3 ways you can minimize your operational costs and maximize production efficiency in your business – all with our Industrial Floveyor.

1. Slash cleaning and maintenance downtime

We’ve re-engineered the Industrial Floveyor from the bottom up with the aim to make life easy for your operators and maintenance teams. This means you’ll have complete control and assured peace of mind that even your leanest team can independently install, run, and maintain an Industrial Floveyor in record time. Whenever you need timely technical expertise or advice on complementary equipment or materials testing, we’ll be there to assist every step of the way.

2. Simple enough to ‘drop in and run’

Floveyor’s are built to to be ‘dropped in and run’. Rest assured that you and your team can confidently control every stage in your Floveyor’s life cycle from installation and commissioning to maintenance and upgrading. Reconfiguring the Industrial Floveyor for a series of different applications is as hassle-free and speedy as the original set up. A full set of complementary accessories and a capacity to adapt to any angle of elevation make Floveyors matchlessly versatile and efficient.

3. A full turnkey solution with the option to automate

We offer a full turnkey solution that includes:

  • automated sequencing of ramp up and shutdown which can be linked to inline sensors for greater raw material management
  • an integrated electric or pneumatic baffle plate to eliminate the risk of starting or stopping the system under load while providing flexibility with controlling the product feed
  • a range of temperature, speed and discharge chute blockage monitoring sensors that provide an invaluable early warning system to back up your team’s expertise and experience
  • our ingenious and effortless remote tensioning system, allowing you to inspect the Floveyor and conduct preventive maintenance from ground level within minutes.

You can choose a custom version of this system designed to deliver ultimate operational ease and further enhance your Industrial Floveyor’s hardwired longevity.

Put us to the Test

Contact our team to arrange a demonstration or materials handling test. If an upgrade is on your wish list, let’s discuss exactly how much time and money you could save.

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