Aero-Mechanical Relief For Sugar Handling Headaches

Like many other essential bulk solids, sugar can behave badly during processing.

Its propensity to absorb moisture causes problematic clumping and lumping in the humid conditions common in key growing and manufacturing regions everywhere. Given the requisite flammable conditions, sugar dust can explode with potentially tragic results.

Our team has six decades of experience in working with food industry manufacturers to protect workplace safety, productivity and product quality against expensive and possibly catastrophic losses linked to bulk sugar’s challenging characteristics.

Floveyor’s distinctive aero-mechanical technology combined with consistently innovative design addresses every aspect of the bulk sugar handling industry’s need for safe, clean, affordable conveying.  In addition to operating dust free, Floveyors maintain product blend integrity regardless of the material’s properties, bulk density, particle size distribution, flow characteristics or moisture content.

Innovation where it counts

We exist to simplify conveying.
When the food industry demanded durable, high performance consumables for conveyors, we developed our revolutionary stainless steel rope assemblies. These metal delectable, x-ray contrast and magnetic susceptibility rope assemblies are specifically designed to meet the rigorous standards for food grade sugar handling. They are capable of allowing detection of contamination and designed to run for many thousands of hours with simple, timely maintenance.

Solving the complete problem

Wimmers, an iconic Queensland soft drink producer needed to upgrade their long standing conveying system for loading and dissolving bulk sugar. We supplied a customised F3 Floveyor  that provided the agile, well regulated performance they needed. Our thorough scoping of this project meant we also adapted Wimmers’ new Floveyor to solve their persistent problems with preprocessing lumpy sugar and intermittent storm related power supplies.

Smart shifts for all sizes

Western Australian transport company Sadliers needed a robust, mobile conveyor to meet the demands of their supply chain contract for a global drinks manufacturer.  We provided a F5 Floveyor  customised to move lump free sugar effortlessly between bulk bags or sea containers and road tankers at high speed

Download the Sadliers Case Study

For a more detailed overview of how Floveyors deliver simpler, safer bulk sugar handling, huge throughputs and optimal product quality, download our White Paper entitled  ‘Sweet as…. aero-mechanical conveying solutions for bulk sugar handling’