Bulk handing hassles meet their match

Moving industrial and food grade powders and granules can be a fraught business. Bulk materials can be cantankerous and unpredictable, leading to slow transfer rates, clogged equipment, risky dust explosions, poor product integrity and spiraling demurrage bills.

Countering these headaches with traditional bulk tanker to silo blowing systems relies on rigorous controls and complex interfaces between the truck and the plant.

Floveyor’s distinctive aero-mechanical technology combined with our highly evolved flexible design has made us world leaders in relieving the headaches commonly associated with bulk materials handling.

Our simple, low maintenance conveyors operate with the same effortless efficiency across a spectrum of challenging products including: urea, sugar, flocculent, ammonium nitrate and PVC.

Floveyors are famous everywhere for gentle product handling and delivering total batch transfer with minimal residue retention. Designed for filter free operation, their bulk unloading units have zero pressure build up at the destination point saving on filtration costs.

We configure Floveyor’s classic aero- mechanical system to match your needs. We’ll advise you on the appropriately sized Floveyor to optimise your particular material transfer rates from floor level to the storage vessel or process. We’ll also recommend the most efficient infeed to the Floveyor from the road tanker outlet from amongst current global industry standard options including: simple transfer hoppers, pre feed screws with docking connections or dust hoods.

Read how customised Floveyors have solved bulk handling dilemmas for Alcoa and Momentive, and how our systems have operated flawlessly for decades for Foodcorp and Sakata.

Talk to our expert team about relieving your bulk material handling headaches.