The Birth of Floveyor’s Decant Obsidian

Bulk Material Handling | The Birth of Floveyor’s Decant Obsidian
Bulk Material Handling | The Birth of Floveyor’s Decant Obsidian

From client feedback and numerous enquiries received over the years, Floveyor understood there was an industry need for a modular decanting solution capable of unloading FIBC’s (1,000kg Bulk Bags) for bulk material handling of imported raw materials, rapidly transferring to pneumatic road tankers.

Following research and investigation, Floveyor found there were very little options for businesses who require high volume rapid decanting for bulk material handling and road tanker loading, without the high costs and long process of a fixed plant operation.

The two existing solutions available to the market included:

1. Fixed Plant Option – requiring storage silos’, truck loading bridges, multiple conveying systems, and decanting facilities. This option was only suited to long term operations, due to the high cost of capital, and time-consuming council approval

2. Small Mobile Auger and Bag Splitting Option – used by small regional based engineering and manufacturing companies. This option was suited to low volume, low cost operations. This option results in restrictions impacting the conveying throughputs, ability to handling various raw material forms, such as powders and granules and restrictions on installation angles. In addition, containment of dust and residue materials left in the system was problematic.

Following extensive research, Floveyor began developing a system to meet the needs of the market by pulling best practice and prior knowledge from other industries while developing a new a novel machine. The outcome: the birth of the Decant Obsidian in May 2018.

Engineered specifically to:
• Enable effortless decanting of FIBC’s via dual knife splitting arrangements without creating bag contamination
• Maximise uptime, reduce maintenance requirements and executions times
• Provide full dust containment to eliminate exposure of operators and environment during the decanting process
• Generate high throughput transfer of raw materials into pneumatic road tankers, unrivalled by all but gravity silo installations
• Provide flexibility with the modular, relocatable plant

Overcoming Challenges and Business Success with the Floveyor Decant Obsidian

To overcome the challenges and achieve success with a system that meets the needs of the market, Floveyor designed the Decant Obsidian specifically to provide short turnaround loading of bulk road tankers for bulk material handling and truck-mounted bulk intermodal containers from various disposable FIBC’s.

Providing an alternative to traditional costly fixed silo storage and road tanker loading facilities, the Obsidian provides all the benefits of fixed plant installations, with the flexibility to demobilise and relocate it as needed.

Cost reduction with faster, cleaner transfers
• Integrated FIBC splitter, accepts FIBCs up to 1,500mm square with a storage volume of 4,000L
• Vertical-Horizontal F5 Aero-Mechanical Conveyor provides the most efficient and high velocity transfer of raw materials to road tankers, often at rates in excess of 50-80,000kg/hr
• Fully integrated dust extraction and containment system, captures dust during FIBC splitting and tanker-loading operations, thereby eliminating environmental contamination
• Road Tanker alignment and positioning cameras with wireless monitors for rapid and accurate tanker locating, eliminating the need for operators in the loading zone

Decreased downtime with smarter monitoring and maintenance
• Flood and access lighting for 24/7 operation and maintenance
• Integrated condition monitoring system avoids unplanned downtime by continuously monitoring bearing heat, drive speeds, and amperage. Switches system to limp mode and alerts operators to irregularities before damage or a breakdown event occurs
• Remote PLC login, enables updates and off-site troubleshooting
• Maintenance and viewing platforms allow effortless access to maintenance areas
• Integrated screw feeder pushback exposes an 800mm wide access platform for easy access
• 240VAC GPO outlets for tools and equipment
• Pneumatic hoses for maintenance and clean down

Safety increase with the Floveyor intelligent control system
• Maximises throughput rates automatically (no operator calibration required)
• Detects when the road tanker pod is full, pauses loading and prompts the operator to switch to the next pod
• Electrically-actuated loading bellow with smart control system

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