Coffee conveying: The optimal bulk handling solution

The art (and science) of roasting, grinding, blending and packaging the world’s favourite drink depends in no small part on choosing an optimal materials handling system. Moving fragile coffee beans safely and swiftly through a range of complex processes is a key component in cost and energy effective production.

Floveyor Bulk Coffee Handling

Tastes are changing

Coffee consumption in importing countries like Australia has grown by over 100% per year since 2011. In 2015/16 144.8 million 60 kg bags of green beans were processed to meet the demands an exploding global coffee culture.

With higher consumer demand, producers are seeking conveying systems that will increase production without degrading the friable product. Change has been driven by increased consumer demand for more diverse and sophisticated products, tighter global standards for safety and cleanliness and advances in automated, cost efficient technologies.

Traditional cumbersome, energy hungry auger, bucket and vacuum systems no longer represent optimal solutions for this industry.

Coffee is a challenging material to convey in all of its various forms. Roasted beans are fragile, easily broken and slightly abrasive. As powdered instant coffee it is hygroscopic and dusty and blends are prone to separation. Without an easily cleaned conveying system, blends and coffee flavours can become contaminated.  This adversely impacts product quality with costly reputational and financial results.

As a high-grade food product, coffee can be protected from contamination and damage with an enclosed systems that use slow air volumes to counter the coffee’s hygroscopic characteristics and transport it gently, protecting product integrity on every level.

Frequent blend changes to accommodate differing product ranges calls for total batch transfer and simple efficient cleaning regimes that are viable with the Floveyor aero-mechanical conveyor.

Integrated processing that begins with decanting raw beans and ends with product packaging needs the agility and, flexible conveying solution that Floveyor can offer, with its ability to be configured to tight spaces and acute angles.

In addition, coffee companies are seeking the same energy and process efficiencies and flawless safety records as other global food producers.

How Floveyor is reshaping bulk coffee handling

Floveyor’s hygienic and industrial range conveyors combine classic aero-mechanical capabilities with low investment, low operational costs and minimal maintenance.  The Floveyor is  providing ultimate production peace of mind for coffee companies everywhere.

Cleaning up on cost effectiveness and safety

Hygienic Floveyors are a risk blitzing solution for efficient, hazard free movement, especially for complex powdered blends containing sugar and milk solids.

  • Blended coffee mixes stay intact due to gentle fluidising aero-mechanical conveying technology achieving zero  separation and complete blend integrity
  • Ground and instant coffee powder’s propensity for dusting and moisture activated clumping is countered by a fully enclosed system that does not rely on large amounts of filtered moisture free air.

Hygienic Floveyors require minimal maintenance. We’ve designed key components for rapid disassembly and built others in, including clean-in-place (CIP) options, and clean-out-of-place (COP) modularity and manoeuvrability.

Our revolutionary electronic rope tensioning system makes maintenance effortless, by completing this essential task in seconds.

Throughputs for powders and granules

Ground coffee Instant coffee
F3 Floveyor 8 tonnes/hour F3 Floveyor 4 tonnes/hour
F4 Floveyor 16 tonnes/hour F4 Floveyor 8 tonnes/hour
F5 Floveyor 28 tonnes/hour F5 Floveyor 14 tonnes/hour

Throughputs for green and roasted beans

F3 Floveyor 12 tonnes/hour
F4 Floveyor 24 tonnes/hour
F5 Floveyor 42 tonnes/hour

It’s no secret that the Floveyor AMC’s design ingenuity slashes maintenance and cleaning downtime and optimises product and operator safety. Added to this, our fully enclosed aero-mechanical conveying system delivers peerlessly fast throughputs and one of the lowest energy bills in the business.

In a rampant global coffee processing industry, Floveyor‘s stand out versatility and technical edge works equally well for bulk producers and artisan roasters.


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