Conveying Hygroscopic Products with the Floveyor Aero-Mechanical Conveyor (AMC)

The Floveyor Aero-Mechanical Conveyor (AMC) is built to handle a wide range of powered and granular materials, including challenging products like hygroscopic materials such as urea, salts, sugars (granular to icing), calcium nitrate, citric acid and many more.

Due to the minimal residue, high speed transfer and no need for large reverse jet filter systems, the AMC is very suited to these applications. Many of these products are also corrosive, so the contained transfer and small amount of working parts are ideal.

With the addition of CIP compressed air cleaning nozzles that can be used at the end of each batch transfer, the residue amounts can be reduced to mere dust in most cases.

The AMC is an extremely simply conveying device. Once installed and run in, it needs very little maintenance. Scheduled maintenance primarily involves inspecting the rope for wear and stretch and adjusting the tension as needed.

Minimising residue build up

Hygroscopic materials absorb atmospheric moisture and become damp and sticky. This can cause residue build up inside the conveyor, impeding the critical high velocity sweep of the discs through the conveyor’s tubes, as well as increase the resistance and stress on the rope assembly during conveying, leading to premature failure.

For example, Starch is extremely suitable to be handled in a Floveyor as a relatively dry, free flowing powder at 4% moisture content. However, it becomes very difficult to handle when the moisture content increases to around 15% and the material begins to clump, bridge in hoppers and lines the internal components.

To combat this, Floveyor has decades of experience handling thousands of different raw materials, having designed many systems and products to help deal with the inherent challenges posed by moisture absorbing materials.

In addition, we often run in-house testing to ensure that material samples are suitable for aero-mechanical conveying.

Another way to minimise reside build-up is to schedule preventive maintenance and cleaning to prevent internal build up.

Preventative Cleaning and Maintenance

When dealing with problematic materials, it is important to keep on top of your cleaning and maintenance to avoid potential residue build up. While Floveyor’s AMC’s accumulate minimal residue, regular cleaning using the options best suited to specific materials and application is required.

Floveyor AMC’s handling hygroscopic materials may require wet wash-down. This is an effortless process due to the AMC’s ability to convey liquids at a high speed.

Here is the simple 5 step process:

1. Blank off the discharge chute with a washing plate cover
2. Rinse the system with water and drain via the drainage plugs
3. Add a washing solution and recirculate within the Floveyor to flush the internals
4. Drain the liquid via the drain plugs
5. Rinse and allow to dry or accelerate the process by blowing compressed dry air into the system or running the Floveyor empty.

Inert material purging is another effective method of dry cleaning the AMC. This method is especially effective when light internal build up arises from slightly adhesive or hygroscopic materials, where an inert coarse, dry material such as crushed rice or rock salt is introduced and conveyed through the AMC. This scours and purges the internals by dry cleaning and flushing the internal contact surfaces. Typically, a couple of bags of inert material are all that is required.

Planning your material loading sequence can also be beneficial by conveying minor ingredients or residue sensitive materials first, followed by neutral materials that flush minor ingredients, or adhesive materials from the conveyor.

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