Overcoming the challenges of tea conveying with Floveyor AMC

Gentle bulk handling of tea with Floveyor AMC.

The bulk handling of tea presents numerous challenges during the processing operation.

  • Bruising changes flavours: The friable nature of tea means that is easily bruised during handling. The bruising can result in the degradation of the leaves and subsequent undesirable variations in the flavours of the final product.
  • Dust generation: Fine, dusty tea particles are attracted to each other which causes problems in separation, blending, and packaging.
  • Combustibility: An enclosed conveyor is necessary to reduce wastage while moving the product. However, the build-up of combustible dust in the confined space of the conveyor creates the risk of an explosion.
  • Abrasive materials: Tea leaves, both fresh and dried, can be abrasive, resulting in wear and tear on equipment.
  • Cross contamination of blends: The production of a variety of flavours in production allows risk of cross contamination between runs and requires a conveyor that offers CIP for fast cleaning and a quick turnover.

The Floveyor Solution

  • The industrial Floveyor with its highly advanced aeromechanical technology will efficiently convey friable and fragile materials such as tea, fully maintaining the integrity of the product.
  • The Floveyor solution includes Bulk Bag unloaders which integrate seamlessly with the F3,4 and 5 Floveyor conveyor to transport the tea and other dry materials from point to point.
  • The tea will be moved gently through the tightly sealed fully enclosed dust-free FDA/EC Food Grade aeromechanical conveyor using centrifugal air flow created by the superior rope assembly.
  • Blends are transferred homogenously with negligible residue during the delivery of total batch transfers. The Floveyor meets ATEX 2014/34/EU standards which allows for potentially explosive applications and compliance with all hazard zones in the plant.
  • The bulk materials can be elevated up to 24,000kg/hr at any angle.

The Floveyor is an exponent of green conveying and is one of the planets most energy-efficient conveying systems. Contact us today to find out how we can help you provide clean and efficient conveying solutions for gently transferring tea for your business.

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