Five reasons to invest in a Hygienic Floveyor

We’re proud to offer the high-grade food manufacturing industry the ultimate in safe, simple, smoothly connected aero-mechanical conveying systems for critical hygiene applications.

Our new hygienic range is the result of long-term research and development by Floveyor’s seasoned team of hard-wired inventors, in consultation with our industry partners.

While we’ve taken some time to perfect it, there are innumerable reasons why our revolutionary hygienic range is light years ahead.

Here are five of our customer’s favorites:

1. It surpasses Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) safety standards

The new Hygienic F3 Floveyor exceeds every global industry standard for safe food grade conveying including: GMP, AMI, 3-A and EHEDG Sanitary Equipment Design Guidelines

We’ve designed the Hygienic Floveyor from the ground up for effortless, rapid cleaning and sealed contamination free conveying. We asked our high-grade food manufacturers what they needed most, and then we delivered – on the big picture requests and the smallest details.

While we’ve refined just about everything, here’s just a sample of our standout innovations:

  • Tool free entry to the feed housing, name plate and top cover for instant clean ability
  • Removable silicon or EPDM seals for dust and water proofing between components
  • Flawless crack and crevice free construction eliminates bacteria attracting product buildup:
    • no welling points, or flat surfaces or catch points around the product contact zone
    • all component connections machined with tangible seals outside the product flow

2. It shreds maintenance down time

As a fully enclosed system that operates filter free; the Floveyor is innately low maintenance. That said we’ve refined the Hygienic Floveyor to make maintenance even faster and more straightforward.

Caring for and tensioning the rope assembly is crucial to optimal performance.  Hygienic Floveyors come equipped with an electric tensioning mechanism so operators can complete this vital piece of maintenance in seconds.

We’ve also added a number of electrical interlocks to enhance operator safety during cleaning and maintenance.

Hygienic Floveyors come equipped with a raft of efficiency enhancing components traditionally offered as extras in alternative systems.

These include:

  • An Interlocked GMP safety grid for simple removal and cleaning
  • A simple baffle arrangement for adjusting material flow that can be removed and cleaned in seconds
  • Hinged hopper support which aligns the infeed, opens easily to the left or the right for maintenance and cleaning
  • Two swing bolts secure the hopper interface for dust tight operation. No more clamping rings, fasteners or toggles to undo

We’ve also perfected a high speed 4 step wet wash down process that dramatically reduces cleaning times.

3. It syncs seamlessly with complementary equipment and existing plant

Floveyors are famous for their ‘adapt to anywhere’ versatility.

Their light, modular design, combined with their ability to convey a vast range of materials through the one system makes them the ideal solution for a huge range of high-grade food industry applications on single or multiple sites.

The Hygienic Floveyor had a number of significant design innovations to extend our trademark flexibility for the uniquely challenging conditions in the food manufacturing industry.

These include:

  • A direct drive arrangement supporting a sleek and adaptable motor mounting, and modular interchangeability between top and bottom drive
  • A slim line base that:
    • Provides a small footprint for plant integration
    • Allows for effortless external clean-ability and spray down
    • Eliminates risk of moisture welling in hidden and hard to access areas

Finally, we’ve made sure that our highly evolved Hygienic Floveyor meets all hazardous zoning compliance requirements from ATEX to IECEx.

We’ve custom designed a range of our precision engineered complementary equipment to match the impeccable efficiency and absolute safety of the Hygienic Floveyor.

4. It retains all of the classic aero-mechanical advantages

Floveyor’s gentle fluidising technology conveys granules, flakes, chips, and other fragile food grade materials with little or no degradation. A Floveyor will protect the integrity of your powder or granules regardless of their properties, bulk density, particle size distribution, flow characteristics or moisture content

It will also protect blend integrity and deliver total batch transfers. These signature qualities have helped make us world leaders in finding technically advanced yet superbly simple aero-mechanical solutions to high end food grade conveying.

5. It is matchlessly fast and energy efficient

Hygienic Floveyors are the ultimate in safe, clean, versatile food grade conveying. They are also matchlessly fast and energy efficient. On any given day somewhere in the world Hygienic Floveyors will have moved anything from milk powder, lactose, and sucrose to bread crumbs and tea leaves.

Keen to explore all the reasons why investing in a Hygienic Floveyor a great business decision?

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