When the Chemistry is Right

Floveyor’s fully enclosed aero-mechanical design is ideal for conveying hazardous powdered or granular chemicals. Our range of Industrial conveyors can be supplied with IECEx and ATEX compliance. This certification brings peace of mind to companies whose products are potential catalysts for fires, explosions or a broader range of toxicity and environmental threats to operators and to plant and equipment. An intrinsically safe Floveyor will minimise any risk of industrial accident by mitigating ignition risks, integrating detection technology and eliminating dust and spillage containing toxic fumes.

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Chemical Conveyor Systems

The distinctive attributes of our aero-mechanical conveyors dispel many of the intractable headaches associated with bulk chemicals handling including; hazardous dust build up, flow resistance and issues with incomplete batch transfer and hazardous or cumbersome cleaning procedures. We have a solid international reputation for delivering on every aspect of safe chemical conveying systems beginning with the design consultation and extending beyond installation to round the clock customer support.

Floveyors handle a wide spectrum of powdered and granular agricultural and industrial chemicals in a range of environments and applications globally from small boutique operation to multinational corporations.

Find a flexible solution

The ongoing challenge of improving systems for conveying challenging materials provides perfect research and development inspiration for Floveyor’s team of hardwired and ingenious inventors.

Not content with solving the problems of safe, clean chemical conveying, our engineers and designers are also fully focused on bottom line solutions including mobile Floveyors and complementary equipment to enable flexible configurations and seamless integration.

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