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Floveyor’s range of Industrial design conveyors provide cost effective solutions for bulk materials handling in mining, construction, plastics, rubber and many other manufacturing industries.

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Floveyors are renowned for their agility and ultra reliable performance. Built for versatility and strength, they convey multiple materials sequentially and withstand rugged operating conditions. Their adaptive nature, small footprint and simple, low maintenance operating systems have attracted manufacturers everywhere. 
We custom configure every Floveyor to suit each customer’s unique needs and plant layout and we install them with minimal disruption to tight production schedules.

Maintain product integrity

Floveyor’s revolutionary fluidising technology effortless conveys materials, including flow resistant ones in a myriad of forms from nano-micron powders to coarse granules or flakes. Besides promoting rapid but undamaging flow, our Industrial aero-mechanical conveyors also maintain the integrity of blended products.

Where material preconditioning is essential for ensuring efficient, safe, low maintenance processing, Floveyor’s range of lump breakers, vibrators and bin aerators will guard against clogging or blockages.

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