‘Simplicity in conveying, integrity in everything’ – Floveyor turns 60

Rhys Walker CEO

This year Floveyor turns a fit, future-focused 60.  Significant birthdays aside, 2018 is already a stellar year.

Our revolutionary ‘Decant’ range of aero-mechanical tanker loaders is smashing industry benchmarks for clean, fast, safe decanting of bulk powders and granules. Decants are now the ‘go to’ equipment for unloading FIBC’s and sea containers into road tankers for construction, chemical, food and general manufacturing applications.

Decant’s runaway global success typifies the Floveyor tradition of raising the bar for inventiveness and versatility and exceeded everyone’s expectations for finding outstanding conveying solutions.

Much has changed since our founder (my grandfather) Robert Walker invented the world’s first aero-mechanical conveyor. Inspired by classic irrigation technology, the first Floveyor rapidly improved productivity and competitiveness for Western Australian farmers and manufacturers.

Today we’re world leaders in one of the most competitive niche markets in bulk materials handling. The Floveyor family now includes a global network of partner organisations and distributors. Between us, we provide Floveyor’s trademark technical excellence and exceptional after sales support to customers in over 50 countries.

We’ve weathered booms and busts in the financial and mining sectors by staying true to our core focus on creating the world’s simplest yet most technologically advanced aero-mechanical conveyors. We do this by working with our customers, and investing in R&D that delivers the high performing, cost effective equipment they need.

Last year I won the WA 40under40 award for family business leadership. While I entered with zero expectation of a win, applying gave me a great chance to reflect on what defines and drives us.

Floveyor’s values are ‘Simplicity in conveying, integrity in everything’. These are also the Walker family values along with straightforwardness, resilience, and the courage to take calculated risks to be the best we can be.

Floveyor is home to a group of insatiably curious engineers and inventors and peak performing ‘A’ teams in sales, manufacturing and administration. Everyone lives by these values.

Reliability, empathy and loyalty define the way we do business. We build strong relationships with customers, partner organisations and suppliers based on ethical, equitable practices that advance everyone’s best interests.

As the third generation guardian of Floveyor’s impeccable tradition of design and production excellence and innovation, I’m immensely proud of what we’ve achieved. Moreover, I’m honoured to lead a team that’s committed to surpassing these achievements in the future.