Food Grade Conveyor | The Floveyor Hygenic AMC

Food Grade Conveyor | The Hygienic Aero-Mechanical Conveyor (AMC) meets the most stringent food safety standards

Floveyor’s food grade conveyor, the Hygienic AMC is designed, engineered and manufactured in accordance with the European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group (EHEDG), GMP, AMI and 3-A, guidelines, recommendations and standards.

Our expertise, your peace of mind

crafted using GMP, AMI, 3-A, and EHEDG standards and guidelines

ATEX 2014/34/EU suited for potentially explosive applications

1 of only 5 food safe conveying systems listed in EHEDG Guideline 36

Effortless cleaning

Clean, validate and maintain your Floveyor Hygienic AMC in a fraction of the time you’d spend on an alternative system. Trust that you’ve minimised contamination risks from microorganisms, allergens and foreign material.

Wipe out clumsy cleaning regimes

Clean-In Place (CIP) – comes standard with everything required for CIP wet washing, steam or foam cleaning regimens

Clean Out-of Place (COP) – move the equipment easily from the processing plant to a wet washing area

Dry Clean-In Place (CIP) – dry clean with compressed air, vacuum or inert material purging

Find a complete solution

We provide complete tailored solutions for high grade bulk food handling. Every design and construction detail reflects our commitment to creating the ultimate in contamination free, sanitary, and low maintenance conveying.