Hubbards – safer, faster cereal conveying

Formed in 1998 to ‘make good food then make a difference’, independent New Zealand cereal makers Hubbards are renowned producers of healthy, scrumptious breakfasts.

When Hubbards needed to streamline their processing of around 40 products, our versatile aero-mechanical conveyor (AMC) was perfect for the job.

The challenge

Hubbards manual operation was very labour intensive. It involved lots of forklifting and working at height. The route for any new conveying system had to take account of existing access steps and walkways.

The solution

Raw rolled oats are Hubbards primary ingredient. We supplied a multi-trip bulk bag unloader with massage flow aid and an integrated dosing screw operating loss in weight

A single AMC feeds the oats plus minor powdered additives and dried fruit pieces to mixer. A separate system then adds liquid ingredients unsuitable for aero-mechanical conveying.

The AMC’s small footprint and capacity to work at any angle was the ideal logistical solution for Hubbards. It eliminated the need to work at height and adapted easily to the constrained space.

Mike Rogers at Hubbards described the AMC’s simple hygienic design as ‘awesome’ and very well suited to Hubbard’s products. He was also very impressed by the depth and quality of our documentation from electrical drawings to installation instructions and user manuals.

The results

Integrating a fast, energy efficient AMC into their complex food processing operation has saved time and money at Hubbards. It has also made their operations safer. Reduced forklift traffic and manual handling qualified Hubbards for the highest level of recognition and reduced insurance premiums under New Zealand’s Workplace Safety Management Practices (WPSMP) Scheme.