Industrial Floveyor – optional is the new standard

We’ve responded to industry demands for a range of affordable, technically advanced conveyors that are guaranteed to maintain classic Floveyor reliability and simple operability. Industrial Floveyors move mountains of most powders and granules with minimal maintenance and maximum efficiency.

Significant design innovation means we’ve substantially reduced costs while increasing overall efficiency and improving load times by up to 10%. SS304 and SS316 Industrial Floveyors are now available at up to 15% less than their 2012 counterparts and lower pricing for our technically advanced rope assemblies is making per tonne conveying costs cheaper than ever.

We’ve also added a revolutionary tensioning arrangement for rope assemblies to take the hassle and guess work out of this crucial maintenance task. Industrial Floveyors now come equipped with electric rope tensioning operated from the feed housing.

Other standard features include a direct drive, which can be easily switched between top and bottom and tri-clover tube connections for improved sealing and ease of assembly.

Other advances that increase flexibility, flow control and speed and protect fragile products, include:

  • streamlined hopper and feed housings
  • simplified sprocket and shaft systems
  • an optional electric baffle

Industrial Floveyors cost less and do more. When our customers in industries such as mining and manufacturing asked us for an affordable update on our trademark technology, we delivered.

Talk to us about the difference an Industrial Floveyor can make to your business.