Meet the Floveyor Team: Ten Minutes with Tony Di Rosso

It was a little bit tempting to approach the first of our new Meet the Floveyor Team Q and A sessions as something of a spy interrogation, because – well, just because it’s early in January, and it’s hard being back at work after the Christmas and New Year break. Should I prepare a classified file on the first (un)willing victim? Maybe shine a desk-lamp in their eyes until they revealed their favourite colour? It might even – oh dear – be necessary to invoke a higher power in order to get all the answers.

As the higher power at Floveyor is our CEO Rhys’s labrador/office enforcer, Ember, this means death by slobbery affection.

Our subject was smart enough to front up before I had to go this far.

Name: Tony Di Rosso

Role: Purchasing & Logistics Manager

Time with Floveyor: 7 years

The first thing everyone should know about Tony is this. He is incredibly calm. If there is a hurricane raging around the Floveyor offices, he is the small, still eye where everyone tries to take shelter before they are thrown back out into the maelstrom to face off against flying monkeys and the Wicked Witch of the West (probably me).

In a sentence, Tony’s job is controlling all of the purchasing for Floveyor, running logistics including all imports/exports, and managing spare parts sales. For him, it is the variety in his role that makes it so enjoyable.

“Every day is different and contains variables. One day, I could be working exclusively on purchase orders, the next – organising import permissions. The day after, I’ve had to concentrate solely on sales. It makes for an interesting and constantly changing work environment.”

Tony joined Floveyor seven years ago, bringing a wealth of managerial and industry experience from his own business – twenty years at the helm of an industrial and mining supply company. Having sold this very successful concern, he attempted early retirement. He managed twelve months, before his natural work ethic came to the fore, kicking him off the fourth hole of his local golf course and back into the workplace.

He feels very strongly that the culture of Floveyor is one that has kept him wanting to work.

“This is a workplace that encourages autonomy and independent thinking. They hire good people who know what they’re doing, and they give them their trust, allowing them to get on and do their job.

“It’s what made me stay.”

An AFL fan (the Eagles), Tony’s great loves are fishing, his boat, and anything on two or four wheels – as long as there’s a fair few RPM involved.

“If it’s got an engine in it and it goes fast, I’ll watch it”, he says, “except for NASCAR.” Being a bit of a revhead myself, I can’t fault his thinking on either the former or the latter statement. I also can’t argue with his music tastes, which stop at the millennial mark.

Tony is an amazing asset to the Floveyor team, not just for his calm and centred presence, but because he is always ready to help out. He truly sums up Floveyor’s value statement of ‘integrity in everything’. His approach to his fellow team members is probably best summed up by his own words, when asked the dreaded ‘life philosophy in a nutshell’ question:

“Just live life. Live it. Don’t take it, or yourself, too seriously. Focus on today and what you can do here and now.”

Tony certainly focuses in his work life, and he is an essential part of Team Floveyor.

If you are interested in joining the Floveyor team, contact us directly, and keep an eye on Seek and LinkedIn.