NORD Drivesystems – powering AMC success

In 2018 Floveyor celebrates 60 years of ground breaking excellence in aero-mechanical conveying. Our global partnerships with leading, like minded companies are integral to providing the flawless efficient conveying solutions you demand.

In 2017 we partnered with NORD Drivesystems and Ineco/CBC on two challenging food and beverage applications. These are matchlessly fast, safe, cost competitive installations. They’re also energy efficient and industry compliant.

Industrial conveying in an earthquake zone

Our China based client needed a durable industrial conveying system for his brewery in the Philippines. The conveyor was loaded manually from 40kg bags. It needed a safe, ergonomic feed system with integrated dust control. It had to be easy to transport, simple to install and use and strong enough to withstand an earthquake.  Finally, it had to be food grade and still fit the client’s budget.

Our light modular Industrial F3 AMC easily met the requirements for quick installation, easy food safe operation and hassle-free maintenance. Built of Stainless Steel 304 our AMCs operate safely in a range of challenging locations and climates.

We designed a custom hopper to match the application’s dust extraction unit and operating needs.

NORD’s SK geared motor completed the perfect fit. NORD’s Managing Director Martin Broglia describes this cost effective motor as, ‘best known for its power, energy efficiency and ability to meet the stringent requirements of the food industry.’

Customised upload for a complex food application

A Victoria based Australian client needed a GMP and hygienic conveying system for food products ranging from rice to vanilla custard mix to porridge with dried fruit pieces.

The conveyor had to handle bulk bags at a rate of 3000kgs per hour. We customised an internationally compliant, Clean In Place (CIP) AMC plus a Bulk Bag Unloader, and a Clean Out of Place (COP) manual bag dump station and screw feeder with the following features:

  • a hygienic Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) accessible screw
  • an easy to clean removable grid
  • an integrated electric hoist lifting frame
  • a manual iris valve for flow control and shut off on the bag outlet
  • pneumatic bag massagers for product discharge
  • a stainless steel 304 mini screw feeder and dump station fitted to the FIBC upload spout to eliminate dust

NORD Drivesystems supplied the Direct Drive Geared Motors in both applications.

Like Floveyor, NORD Drivesystems have set industry benchmarks for technical innovation and manufacturing excellence for over half a century. Like us they’ve built global success on rock solid local relationships.

Between us, we found ingenious conveying solutions for brewing in the Philippines and breakfast cereals in Australia. NORD Drivesystems delivered on every aspect of both projects from competitively priced, energy efficient specifications to timely, attentive technical support.