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The original 1950’s Floveyor was invented to deliver hygienic materials handling solutions

Since then we have accumulated over three generations of innovative design experience in this exacting and particular industry. Our new range of food grade conveyors takes this heritage to the next level of clean, safe, efficient operation.

The distinct capabilities of the Floveyor aero-mechanical conveyor are a perfect fit for powder and granule handling in the food industry, offering unmatched energy and production efficiency and a peerless record for safety and hygiene.

As a precision engineered, completely enclosed system a Floveyor is an excellent solution for handling hazardous materials where there is a risk of dust explosion. Its distinctive aero- mechanical fluidising properties can convey a large range of powdered and granulated products in a dust and contamination free operation certifiable to any standard.

In addition to being intrinsically safe and very clean, Floveyors’ quiet operation also contributes to a better workplace health and safety environment.

Hygienic Floveyor's key capabilities

  • Conveys all kinds of materials including: granules, flakes, chips, and other fragile materials with little or no degradation.
  • Maintains crucial batch and blend integrity regardless of material properties, bulk density, particle size distribution, flow characteristics or moisture content.
  • Conveys materials in total batch transfers, with negligible residue left in the system.
  • Achieve high throughputs while being small, mobile and devoid of large filtration requirements.
  • Integrates seamlessly with existing plant and equipment, reducing installation requirements and minimising maintenance.

Gentle, fast, efficient

Aero-mechanical technology is far gentler and more accommodating then traditional forms of conveying.

Clean, safe, versatile

Our Hygienic conveyors have been specifically and attentively engineered to offer complete food grade compliant systems.

Every design and construction detail reflects our commitment to creating the ultimate in contamination free, low maintenance solutions for high grade bulk food handling. The Floveyor is as versatile as it is robust and handles materials at temperatures of more than 110°C.

Built to exclude contamination

Hygienic Floveyors are:

  • fabricated completely from SS316, SS316L or SS304 stainless steel according to individual customer specifications.
  • constructed without welling points, or flat surfaces or catch points inside the product contact zone.
  • made to stay crack and crevice free by having all component connections machined with tangible seals outside the product flow.

Maximum clean in minimum time

Hygienic Floveyors are fitted with a range of components designed to maximise cleaning efficiency and minimise production down time.

These components include:

  • spaced off frame components
  • sanitary supports
  • wash down resistant electrical components
  • silicon and EPDM seals and gaskets
  • air purged bearings
  • quick access tri-clover connections
  • slimline hygienic designed supports with rapid disassembly features
  • fast remove access hatches with electrical safety interlocks

We offer a range of cleaning and sanitising solutions, from dry purging, to wet wash-downs and can advise you on most cost and time efficient option for your particular application. Floveyor’s simple, well executed design provides quick and safe access whatever what your cleaning requirements may be.

Our range of cleaning options can be customised to include: clean in place spray jets, air nozzles, and drainage connections.

Run by strong smart rope assemblies

Our technologically advanced food grade rope assemblies are engineered to protect your product against contamination.

Our SS329 wire assembly has 4 times the magnetism of standard stainless steel.  Our signature polymer coated assembly can be enhanced with an x-ray detectable additive to identify metal or plastic contamination before it reaches consumers.

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