Fast, efficient solutions for Greymont

Case Study: Graymont – Providing fast efficient mobile conveying solutions

Graymont is a global leader in the handling of lime and limestone solutions. Their products are essential in addressing today’s most pressing environmental issues while supporting vital industrial processes and agricultural needs. The uses for their products include the purification of air and water, and the production of items essential to a modern economy such as steel, paper, and metals.

Graymont approached Floveyor in 2015 requiring a mobile handling solution to move between operations in Australia and New Zealand.

The client required a solution that could provide high-grade dust containment due to their product carrying the potential for a high-risk impact on the environment. One of their central locations of transport was near the Great Barrier Reef, so dust containment and a well-sealed system were integral to their success.


Floveyor supplied Graymont with two of the original Decant Haematite – the ‘go-to’ solution for rapid high-volume decanting of dusty materials.

It delivers Floveyor’s trademark modular versatility, mobility and effortless simplicity. Providing a fit for purpose and affordable solution for the client was critical to its success, featuring an integrated dust collector extracting 3,500m³ of dust-laden air, allowing full containment during the piercing and dumping of even the dustiest materials.

The efficient Haematite is semi-mobile and relocatable – with no fixings or structural pad requirements to provide the perfect solution for Graymont. The machine allows rapid mobilisation, application and demobilisation while delivering the benefits and features of a fixed plant application.


Graymont is a proud client of Floveyor, who enjoys a long working relationship since 2015. The Decant Haematite machines have provided the ideal materials handling solution for the mobile requirements to handle lime:

“Your machines are the best things we have ever purchased – they run without any real concerns.”

– Paul West – Graymont.