Q & A with our Sales Manager Teddy Craies

We’re delighted welcome Teddy into the Floveyor family. Teddy brings a wealth of experience and expertise to leading Floveyor’s global sales team. He has 22 years of business development and sale experience in mining, engineering and materials handling in the Australian and International Markets. He is also a sought after business coach and mentor who supports people from all walks of life to be their personal and professional best.


What attracted you to Floveyor?

Their values ‘Simplicity in conveying, Integrity in everything’ really resonated. I was inspired by the entire team’s pride and trust in their amazingly versatile technology.

[ctt template=”3″ link=”dpt9D” via=”no” ]Floveyor is a family owned company with a sixty-year tradition of aero-mechanical conveying design innovation and manufacturing excellence.[/ctt]

They’ve built a loyal customer base in 50 countries mainly on the strength of word of mouth marketing and brilliant customer service.

I’ve spent a large chunk of my career growing the global presence of extraordinary niche market companies offering real value propositions. When I read the Floveyor job description I thought, ‘That’s me’.

What are the key challenges and opportunities currently facing the materials handling equipment industry?

The global market materials handling equipment market is projected to be worth US134.8 Billion by 2020. Rampant growth brings big challenges and massive opportunities. These include growing market surveillance and regulation, the drive for greater process and energy efficiencies and warp speed advances in technologies.

I’m confident Floveyor is ideally placed to respond to these challenges.

Market surveillance

As a fully enclosed aero-mechanical system, Floveyors are innately safe and quiet. They easily comply with increasingly rigorous regulatory requirements governing noise, emission limits, machine directives and environmental considerations.

As a competitively priced, top quality conveyor, a Floveyor minimises the cost and efficiency impacts of complying with international and local industry regulations.

Maximum throughputs

Maximising throughput volumes without sacrificing product integrity is a huge challenge in the food processing and packaging industries. Floveyors have some of the highest throughputs in the industry powered by the lowest energy costs. Combine matchless speed with gentle protective fluidising technology and you have the ideal high-end food industry solution.

Minimum waste and downtime

Aero-mechanical conveyors are efficient, safe and clean. Their biggest challenge historically has been developing a brilliant rope assembly with high fatigue tolerance. Floveyor has risen to this challenge with its durable, contamination detecting rope assemblies and electronic tensioning systems.

What matters to you in life and in business?

Passion, balance, giving my best, being honest with myself, showing respect and inspiring great teamwork.

 Besides being a highly accomplished business development and sales manager, you’re also an accredited Neuro- linguistic programming (NLP) coach. How do your dual career paths shape your personal and professional lives?

As a trained wellness instructor and coach I’ve led many effective sales teams by taking a consultative approach to business and customer relationships. I motivate and mentore my staff to build rapport with customers by understanding their business needs and aspirations as well as those of the companies they supply.

All my work centres on building relationships with people. No matter which product or service you’re marketing, you’re marketing it to people whose decisions will be influenced by the quality of those relationships.

As an advocate for a balanced healthy life – how do you model this?

I walk the talk with passion and energy.
I believe in contributing to the community and I run free monthly coaching networking workshops in Midland. These workshops are open to the public and help people to understand how to bring out their best qualities and achieve their goals.

As a parent I challenge my kids to test themselves every chance they get. Currently I’m scaling some scary heights with my son who is a keen competitive rock climber and exploring ballet with my daughter who loves to dance.