Australian Mud Company – meeting the challenge of complex materials with Floveyor’s chemical conveying solutions

Australian Mud Company (AMC) are global leaders in supplying a diverse range of essential fluids, chemicals and equipment to the mining and drilling industries. AMC is a Western Australian company with over two decades experience and expertise in producing innovative drilling fluid solutions.

The challenge

Floveyor has been partnering with AMC to provide effective chemical conveying solutions for a range of challenging materials since 2005. The relationship began when AMC expanded their operations and needed to automate their labour intensive manual handling processes for loading a range of challenging materials into a ribbon blender and transferring blended product to a Form, Fill and Seal (FFS) machine.

AMC process a number of hygroscopic and flow resistant materials singly and in mixes. Conveying solutions that promote flow, prevent separation and minimise dust are essential to their operations. As chemical engineering innovators constantly developing new drilling fluids, AMC also needed access to top quality materials testing to determine the single most appropriate materials handling system for their burgeoning list of new and challenging materials.

The solution

AMC’s original mobile Floveyor fed raw materials into the ribbon blender, which was then wheeled into position to feed the FFS machine. We drew on our forty plus years of experience moving thousands of materials in all manner of industries to customise solutions for AMC’s demanding product repertoire.
Fast forward to 2015 and AMC now operate six Floveyors and two screw feeders in their newest Western Australian site in Hope Valley. They also run two additional Floveyors in their Queensland facility. For the record, the mobile Floveyor installed in 2005 still operates as a bulk bag and sack tip system.

The results

Floveyor’s distinctive capacity to adapt quickly and easily to new materials has kept pace with AMC’s rapidly expanding operational scale and product diversity.

In the course of our 10 year partnership with AMC we’ve tested each of their new powders and formulas and modified their Floveyors to bring these products into full production with minimum fuss and maximum speed.

The last word

We like to give this to the person who matters most, our satisfied customer at AMC, Manufacturing and Logistics’ Manager, Barry Skilton.

“I started my career with AMC at the Jandakot facility in 1997 and have been heavily involved in the selection, testing and operation of all materials handling equipment from new product developments by AMC to the full production scale up.

Working with such a huge range of powders over many years has been a challenge to the Floveyor units but with the correct operation and understanding it has handled everything that has been put through it.

The increase in production and the various configurations meant we have had to adjust, lengthen and modified the units over the years, this was very easy to do with the modular design and simplicity of build and maintenance.”

Floveyor Conveyors at Australian Mud Company