CSR Gyprock – a crucial bulk materials handling upgrade at a critical time

CSR Gyprock has been the Australian producer of plasterboard and a range of other high performance construction industry staple since 1947.

Gyprock have been using two F3 Floveyors to convey Gypsum and Vermiculite for plasterboard production for over 25 years. They had purchased the fully enclosed Floveyors originally for high speed, contained and dust free transfer for the two handling systems.

The challenge

In 2014 soaring production levels and a switch from clay to fly ash presented Gyprock with an opportunity to address efficiency sapping bottle necks and dust containment in their bulk materials handling. Gyprock needed to streamline the loading of day bins, which depended on a combination of forklifting and manual intervention to ensure a steady product flow.

They also knew it was essential to upgrade their existing screw conveyors which were not suited to handling the rapid flow of aerated fly ash.

The solution

As Gyprock had experienced a quarter of century of classic Floveyor aero-mechanical conveying reliability and low maintenance performance, they approached us about a solution for their current problems. We proposed two options and tested them both with 3D modeling to ensure that our solutions would integrate easily with existing plant and that no access restrictions occurred as a result of their installation.

Having established the viability of our proposal, we installed and commissioned the following system modifications:

  • An integrated electric hoist installed to eliminate the use of forklifts for loading the Vermiculite Floveyor. Bulk bags are delivered to the hoist by pallet trucks already operating in the area.
  • An enclosed support hopper mounted to the hoist frame with an access door and extraction to interface with the existing hopper to minimise dust
  • A vibrator fitted to the support hopper to reduce operator intervention to regulate the product flow

For the fly ash system the same approach of bulk bag handling was taken but a new F3 conveyor replaced the existing screw conveyors

  • The F3 Floveyor was installed to transfer product from floor level to a silo. We also fitted the F3 with a mini screwfeeder to protect the Floveyor’s operation by prevent surges and regulating the flow of aerated fly ash
  • Existing plant dust extraction was integrated into the system to reduce operator exposure to the very light and dusty material when accessing the bulk bag outlets

The results

This latest phase in our longstanding partnership with Gyprock helped to solve two intractable industrial conveying problems, which had threatened to compromise the efficiency of their operations at a time of significant production increase.

We installed and commissioned new equipment with minimal downtime and a smooth handover.

Implementing our solution has made Gyprock’s operations cleaner, quicker and safer. It has also reduced front end manual handling and labour requirements and freed up the forklift for use at the end of the manufacturing process.
Finally, we also designed a back up system for transferring clay to a bulk onsite silo, which Gyprock can commission as needed.