Kerry Ingredients – Floveyors stand the test of time

In 2001 globe food industry giants, Kerry Group began a $10 million AUD upgrade of their Brisbane based bakery products operation, Kerry Ingredients.

At this point, Floveyors had been integral to every stage of Kerry Ingredients’ operation for over 25 years.

The challenge

The Kerry Ingredients upgrade typified the challenges faced by food industry companies everywhere. In a highly regulated and competitive industry, the constant quest for new and more complex product lines and greater production flexibility must be backed by efficient and absolutely safe bulk materials handling systems.

When Kerry Ingredients embarked on this massive upgrade, the capacity of their long serving Floveyors to meet the requisite hygiene standards, handle new products and operate safely and cleanly were up for review.

The solution

As Kerry Ingredients’ request, we reviewed their existing site installations and audited each of our Floveyors against all of the upgrade requirements. As a result of this process we made the following modifications to our equipment and processes.

  • Modifications to access doors and hatches 
We replaced secure bolts with quick release mechanisms fitted with electronic safety interlocks integrated into the plant safety circuit
  • Updated cleaning procedures 
Floveyors are designed for easy, safe operator access. Consequently we were able to implement the following straightforward cleaning process for products where cross contamination of colour, flavour or allergens was a potential issue:
    • Open equipment access points
    • Dry clean residue powder
    • Apply hot wash at 67 degrees Centigrade
    • Apply 2% caustic sanitizer foam
    • Sit for 40mins
    • Apply hot rinse to remove foam
    • Allow to sit for approximately two hours
    • Standard drying times are reduced by the sanitizer used, forced air drying can also be used to reduce drying times
  • Product testing 
We tested every new recipe. To date Floveyors have handled all Kerry Ingredients’ raw materials in their single or blended states without any product degradation or blend separation.
  • Upgrades to the rope assemblies
We installed fully polyurethane coated ropes in place of stainless steel assemblies fitted with moulded polyurethane discs.

The results

We built on our longstanding relationship with Kerry Ingredients by providing them with a cost effective, contribution to their major plant upgrade. Their established Floveyors have been refurbished economically with minimal disruption to plant operations. New cleaning and material testing regimes ensure that industry leading and globally compliant hygiene and safety practices are maintained.

We continue to work with Kerry Ingredients to refine key processes as they expand and diversify their operations. Currently the company is evaluating our polymer coated x-ray and metal detectable rope assembly as a potential quality and traceability upgrade aligned to their exacting hygiene requirements.