RCL Foodcorp – F5 Floveyor stands the test of time

South African company Foodcorp has milled wheat flours for over 120 years. They operate Africa’s largest single site flour mill producing a complete range of flours including the famous Supreme brand. Since 2013 Foodcorp has been part of African food producing giant RLC.

Our relationship with Foodcorp began in the 1980s. It is a testament to the F5 Floveyor’s outstanding durability and our capacity for timely innovation in response to a customer’s needs.

The challenge

When Foodcorp began looking for new wheat conveying systems in the early 1980s, Floveyor’s simple, energy efficient operation and contained transfer caught their attention. At that stage we were still testing our prototype F5 Floveyor that was designed to match or exceed the minimum 15 tph throughputs Foodcorp required. The Foodcorp project highlighted an immediate industry need for high capacity aeromechanical conveyors capable of scaling up the renowned attributes of our established F3 and F4 machines.

We responded to market demand by adapting our timeframes for testing and production to ensure that we could bring the F5 on line to meet Foodcorp’s schedule.

On that basis we negotiated a project plan with Foodcorp guaranteeing the supply of four revolutionary F5 machines for their Pretoria mill.

The solution

In 1983 we installed these four machines. Over 30 years later Foodcorp’s original F5s still operate flawlessly with minimal maintenance and compatible parts supplied despite the design updates to subsequent F5s in line with ever changing food industry standards.

The results

Current F5 Floveyors have capacities of up to 105 tph over distances of 16 metres. We’ve continued to refine the capabilities of the workhorse in our range making the F5 amongst the most sought after conveyors in applications ranging from bulk tanker loading to filling silos. Their matchless versatility and speed sees F5s moving bulk powders and granules in food, chemical and agricultural industries everywhere.

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