Supporting AMC Excellence Through European Partnerships

As leaders in aero-mechanical materials handing equipment across multiple sectors, Floveyor supports a growing worldwide network of industry partnerships. In a crowded and competitive global marketplace, we place the highest value on our strong reputation for professionalism and savvy customer service.

Supporting service excellence

Our Partnership Development Program supports partner organisations in over 50 countries. They provide complete Aero-Mechanical Conveying (AMC) solutions for an enormous range of applications and environments. Regular site visits, hands on and machine demonstrations, and expert presentations ensure that our partners’ management, sales and technical champions have state of the art AMC skills and knowledge.

In May this year, our team visited members of the global Floveyor family in Germany, the UK, Switzerland, Germany and Netherlands. Working with our partners to establish their training and support needs we:

  • ran product demonstrations and information sessions for new agencies
  • conducted market reviews and client visits to support established partners
  • sought feedback on a series of new sales resources and on the overall performance of our products in the demanding European market
  • discussed how to further customise and extend our services to meet local needs and changing market conditions

Learning from our European partners

Everything we shared and heard confirmed that Floveyor’s decision to focus on AMC equipment for a high quality niche market was correct.

Among the many valuable lessons we learned, these four topped our list.

Stand out systems
Our Hygienic AMCs and Tanker Loaders are regarded as matchlessly safe and efficient for tightly regulated, high-end materials handling operations.

Record response times
Our comprehensive, user-friendly technical and sales resources support a 24 hour turn around time for customer inquiries. This reliable responsiveness sets Floveyor and all our partner organisations apart from the competition.

Quality comes through
Our commitment to delivering total life cycle cost efficiencies over short term cost cutting is giving us an advantage. Despite the flood of less expensive conveying systems into Europe, our AMCs’ reliability, safety, energy efficiency and speed are recognised as game changing qualities in a tightening marketplace.

Add the excellent customer service provided by a network of proactive partners backed by the Floveyor team and we’re securing a solid place in our specialist market.

Reliable rope assemblies rule
Our commitment to technical excellence and innovation is recognised by the growing number of customers fitting our revolutionary rope assemblies to our competitors’ conveyors.

Good news all round
Besides endorsing Floveyor’s market focus, technically advanced equipment and support programs our European partners and customers were also optimistic about an up turn in the market after recent unsettled times.

Find out more
We discuss the issues around authenticity and quality in the market for aeromechanical conveying equipment in ‘Keeping it Real’.

Learn more about some of our European Partners

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