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close-up of critical minerals fragment

We’re presenting at ALTA 2024

Floveyor will be presenting at the upcoming ALTA 2024 conference in Perth. Floveyor Head of Global Sales Tristan Bower will challenge the audience to consider how a shift in design philosophy can mitigate risk in critical minerals processing systems. He’ll be joined at the conference by Floveyor Managing Director Rhys Walker who will also be on hand after the presentation to discuss how better powder handling can ultimately improve the commercial value of battery metal and mineral processing.

Rethinking powder handling for critical minerals

In his presentation Rethinking Powder Handling In Critical Minerals Processing: Designing For Robustness And Value Retention, Tristan will discuss how impurities in input materials and suboptimal conditions during mineral processing can lead to costly complications. These include, but are not limited to, agglomeration, surface deposition and moisture problems.

To address these challenges, Tristan will focus on preparing for worst-case scenarios rather than anticipating optimal conditions when handling critical minerals. The presentation will also explore strategies to enhance plant resilience. Mining companies who attend will learn how they can ensure robust and efficient operations by treating powder handling as an integral part of the downstream process.

Why resilient plant design is essential for critical minerals

The commercial value of critical minerals is substantial, and any compromise in product integrity can result in significant financial losses. Problems can include:

  • Structural damage to minerals or metals
  • Kontamination des Produkts
  • Operational disruptions resulting in downtime.

Investing in resilient plant design is essential for maximising returns. Conveying systems are often undervalued for their contribution to the process line.  The right conveying strategy can safeguard the integrity of valuable mineral products and then ensure the continuity of refinery operations.

More information about ALTA 2024

The ALTA 2024 conference is in its 28th year. It’s being held at the Pan Pacific Hotel in Perth, Western Australia from 27 to 31 May. Tristan will be presenting on the afternoon of Thursday, 30 May in Track 2: Lithium, Battery Technology, Rare Earths.