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Streamlining your coffee process

Meeting the challenges of coffee handling

They might look like tough little nuts, but coffee beans are fragile and expensive. Instant coffee creates dust and manually handling coffee bags can literally be a pain in the back of your roasters and operators. If you want safe, gentle but rapid bulk material handling for your coffee, look no further than Floveyor.

The aero-mechanical method of conveying (AMC) using FloDisc® Technology is a gentle, rapid and safe way to handle coffee including green and roasted beans, coffee granules and instant coffee powder. The fully enclosed design prevents dust while preserving the integrity of your granules and powders. It makes Floveyor the ideal coffee conveyor for the safe, bulk material handling of all types of coffee at high throughputs.

Material characteristics

Floveyor material characteristics irregular shape icon
Irregular shapes

Poor flow, inconsistent feeds, increased wear

Temperature sensitive

Consistency changes, degradation risks

Floveyor material characteristics fragile
Fragile materials

Requires gentle handling, limits system types

Our products for coffee handling

Conveyor ranges – Coffee conveyor


Product range endura aeromechanical conveyor

Compliance and quality assurance for low-risk, dry food stuffs

  • 最大54 TPH
  • ドライクリーニング
  • ウェットクリーン
  • 米国FDAおよびEU EC規制の認定を取得
  • ATEX 21


Product range nutria aeromechanical conveyor

Clean design benefits for sophisticated food processing

  • 最大30 TPH
  • ドライクリーニング
  • ウェットクリーン
  • 米国FDAおよびEU EC規制の認定を取得
  • ATEX & IECEx Zone 21



  • 最大30 TPH
  • 米国FDAおよびEU EC規制の認定を取得
  • GMP設計
  • EHEDGガイドラインに準拠
  • ドライクリーニング
  • ウェットクリーン
  • CIPウェットクリーン
  • 蒸気滅菌
  • ATEX & IECEx Zone 21

Process line technology

Why Floveyor

Floveyor invented the aero-mechanical method of conveying (AMC) and has been evolving powder handling for 65 years. A single AMC can rapidly transfer all varieties of coffee and alleviate manual handling of heavy bags. Our tubular drag conveyor (TDC) is ideal for complex routes and multiple discharge points. Floveyor conveyors are easy to clean, have a small footprint, and are available for hazardous applications and in mobile units. They are incredibly energy efficient, making them the green alternative to other food-grade conveying solutions. What’s more, Floveyor has the conveying technology you need to keep your roastery and coffee process line running safely and efficiently. 

Discover the Floveyor advantage for coffee conveying, already trusted by a diverse customer base across the globe.

Where Floveyor can add value

The FloDisc Technology difference

When you take everything into account for optimal food and beverage materials processing, only one conveyor meets all the requirements – Floveyor with FloDisc.® Technology


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Experience Floveyor's versatility

Floveyor has optimised bulk material handling for coffee roasters all over the world. Let’s work together to make sure your plant is operating at peak efficiency and safety, with coffee conveyor and process line technology from powder handling specialists.

Send us your product for testing

Check out our R&D tests for bulk material handling of roasted coffee beans. Better yet, get in touch with our powder handling specialists to arrange a test using your own coffee product. 

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