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Floveyor: Reshaping bulk coffee handling, one bean at a time

At Floveyor, we know the ins and outs of coffee. Not only do we drink it almost every day, but we understand the challenges coffee roasters face in conveying the various forms it comes in. From fragile roasted beans to hygroscopic and dusty powders and blends that are prone to separation – we know what it takes to keep this industry moving. Afterall, damaged beans or cross-contaminated blended or flavoured coffee mixes impact product quality with costly reputational and financial results.


The way coffee operators are functioning today has a huge focus on operational efficiency- they are constantly seeking solutions on how to become more efficient with their time and productivity.


Our hygienic and industrial aero-mechanical conveyors (AMC) are the ultimate coffee handling solution. We have an unmatched reputation for safe, innovative food industry conveying with coffee being a well-established product on our resume. Team the AMC’s with low investment and operational costs and you’ll get the ultimate coffee conveying production peace of mind to dominate your industry.


The AMC is the ideal solution for efficient, hazard free conveying for coffee, resulting in zero separation with the blend maintaining its integrity for the perfect brew. The fully enclosed system means zero dusting for ground and instant coffee.


Throughputs for powders and granules

Ground coffee Instant coffee
F3 Floveyor 8 tonnes/hour F3 Floveyor 4 tonnes/hour
F4 Floveyor 16 tonnes/hour F4 Floveyor 8 tonnes/hour
F5 Floveyor 28 tonnes/hour F5 Floveyor 14 tonnes/hour

Throughputs for green and roasted beans             

F3 Floveyor 12 tonnes/hour
F4 Floveyor 24tonnes/hour
F5 Floveyor 42 tonne/hour

It is no secret that the Floveyor AMC’s design ingenuity slashes maintenance and cleaning downtime and optimises product and operator safety. Added to this, our fully enclosed aero-mechanical conveying system delivers peerlessly fast throughputs and one of the lowest energy bills in the business.


In a rampant global coffee processing industry, Floveyor‘s stand out versatility and technical edge works equally well for bulk producers and artisan roasters.

Floveyor Mobile AMC



Floveyor’s mobile AMC solutions are ideal to handle multiple coffee products through the various stages of Coffee processing.


A single machine with no adjustments to settings, configuration can be used to transfer green beans to roaster, roasted beans to grinding or packaging, and any other powder or blend format.


Read why one of many satisfied coffee productive clients Allpress Espresso, chose to install nine custom designed Floveyor AMC’s in their international roasteries.

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