Simplify your
materials handling

conveying solutions

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Simplify your
materials handling

conveying solutions

Floveyor advantages
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with food

Dust and contamination free conveying.
Delivering total batch transfers.

Hygienic applications

Protect product integrity

Convey blended batches with zero separation or degradation.

Fully enclosed

Minimise external environmental contamination by delivering total batch transfer.

Gentle and efficient

Effortlessly and gently and at unbeatable speeds - regardless of any flow resistant propensities.

Corn Farmer Corn Farmer

Fluid moves for
challenging materials

Economical, intrinsically safe conveying.
Protect operational integrity in hazardous applications.

Industrial applications

Integrate seamlessly

Designed to fit in fast for occasional or expanding applications.

Maintain capacity at any angle

Change the incline, maintain the flow.

Hit the ground running

Mobile modular conveyors that work any shift.

Lowest comparable costs across all industries

Designed to fit in fast for occasional or expanding applications.


Up for the toughest
logistical challenge

Versatile, portable conveying.
Minimal footprint, massive throughputs.

Tanker loaders

Dust free decanting

Increase operator safety and comfort, eliminate tanker clean downs.

Get massive throughputs

Expend minimal energy to achieve ultra fast turnaround times.

Classic Floveyor versatility

One tanker loader,many materials, equally effortless moves.

Decant from any source

Flexible and fast with all infeed types from 25kg bags to sea containers.

Tank Loader

rope assemblies

Unrivaled reliability and strength.
Unmatched safety for food applications.

Floveyor advantages
Back Steel Blue Bubbles Polymer Rope Steel Disc

Revolutionary polymer wire

Choose the sole global source of ultimate peace of mind for safe food conveying applications.

Industry leading longevity

Matchless durability and strength after half a century of research and refinement.

Ropes that rise to any occasion

Consistent top quality ropes to match your price and performance needs.

Advanced metal detectable technology

Guard against contamination with x-ray and magnetic detectable rope components.

Floveyors adapt to anywhere

Industrial | Hygienic | Tanker Loader
Tank Loader


Reliable | Adaptable | Uncomplicated

Floveyor delivers rapid, low cost solutions for safe conveying of dry industrial materials.

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Experience | Integrity | Innovation

Floveyors are a perfect fit for food grade powder and granule conveying, offering unmatched efficiency and a peerless record for safety and hygiene.

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Tanker Loader

Tough | Fast | Agile

Floveyor's Tanker Loader is the ideal solution for decanting bulk loadings of IBCs, bulk bags and sea containers into pneumatic road tanker trucks for rapid transfer to various sites.

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Moving thousands of materials

Floveyors handle thousands of materials from free flowing to challenging, as powders, granules, flakes or pellets. It's highly likely that your products are already on our list.

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Global presence

Partnering with established and emerging industries in over 50 countries.

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