Food and Beverage Conveying

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Powder handling is vital in food and beverage manufacturing, impacting your operational efficiency. Using a single conveying system for multiple materials including granules, flakes, seeds, nuts, beads, and pellets adds additional efficiency and gives you a competitive edge.


With Floveyor, your food processing equipment and process line technology prioritise operator safety and ensure seamless batch transfers while being gentle on your blends and mixes.


Our conveying solutions enhance reliability and availability across multiple applications, whether you have existing or new food and beverage processing routes.

Floveyor in the Food and Beverage industry

Optimised powder handling application cases:

Pet Food

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Optimise your food and beverage powder handling

Operating at peak capacity puts food and beverage conveying systems to the test. Find out how Floveyor food processing equipment with FloDisc® Technology improves the performance of thousands of installations around the world every day, all day long.

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