Agricultural Conveying Systems

Is your agricultural conveying system a workhorse in your plant?

Agriculture applications benefit from durable, reliable powder handling. Add in the ability to convey multiple powders and granules with a single machine and the value of your agricultural conveying system expands dramatically.


Floveyor has a long history working in stockfeed, animal nutrition and pet food applications. We are known for dust-free and contamination-free conveying. Total batch transfers and easy cleaning lets you operate around the clock during busy seasons, increasing efficiency and making your entire operation more cost effective.


If you’re handling blends, mixes, or expensive ingredients, you can count on Floveyor conveying solutions. You can trust them to rapidly but gently transfer your seeds, grains, additives, pellets, flakes and kibble while maintaining the integrity of your products.

Floveyor at work in the Agriculture industry

Optimised powder handling application cases:

Fertilisers and agrichemicals
Animal nutrition
Seeds and grains

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Optimise your agriculture powder handling

Get maximum value from your bulk material powder handling. Find out why agriculture businesses have trusted Floveyor conveying systems with FloDisc® Technology for more than 65 years.

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