Dairy conveyor

Dairy: the essential ingredient

Meeting the challenges of milk powder products handling

Because dairy powders are used in so many food and beverage recipes all over the world, they require hygienic conditions and industrial-grade performance. Atmospheric changes can lead to increased moisture which promotes caking and clumping, softening, and compaction — and they can all lead to product degradation. Milk powders are known to leave product build-up in conveying equipment which reduces availability and increases cleaning time. Dust is also a concern, not least because it can lead to an explosion.

The aero-mechanical method of conveying (AMC) using FloDisc® Technology is a gentle, rapid and safe way to handle bulk dairy powder products. Floveyor engineered the fully enclosed design to prevent the impact of moisture and dust while preserving the integrity of your materials. It makes Floveyor the ideal choice for a dairy conveyor for the safe, bulk material handling of milk powders at high throughputs.

Material characteristics

Floveyor material characteristics fragile
Fragile materials

Requires gentle handling, limits system types

Floveyor material characteristics bacteria prone
Bacteria prone

Requires controlled handling, cleaning challenges

Floveyor material characteristics fat content
High fat content

Adhesion to surfaces, clogging and cleaning challenges

Our products for milk powder products handling

Conveyor ranges – Dairy conveyor


Product range endura aeromechanical conveyor

Compliance and quality assurance for low-risk, dry food stuffs

  • Up to 54 TPH
  • Dry clean
  • Wet clean
  • Certified to American FDA and EU EC regulations
  • ATEX 21


Product range nutria aeromechanical conveyor

Clean design benefits for sophisticated food processing

  • Up to 30 TPH
  • Dry clean
  • Wet clean
  • Certified to American FDA and EU EC regulations
  • ATEX & IECEx Zone 21


Engineered for stringent global food safety requirements

  • Up to 30 TPH
  • Certified to American FDA and EU EC regulations
  • GMP designs
  • Meets EHEDG guidelines
  • Dry clean
  • Wet clean
  • CIP wet clean
  • Steam sterilise
  • ATEX & IECEx Zone 21

Process line technology

Why Floveyor

Why Floveyor? Floveyor invented the AMC and has been evolving powder handling for 65 years. A single Floveyor can rapidly transfer and elevate thousands of food-grade powders and granules using fully enclosed tubes. Our tubular drag conveyor (TDC) is ideal for complex routes and multiple discharge points. Floveyor conveyors are easy to clean, can be manufactured with polymer-coated ropes that are X-ray detectable, and are available for hazardous applications and in mobile units. Whether you have a greenfield operation or need process line technology to integrate with your existing food and beverage operation, Floveyor has the conveying technology you need to keep your plant running safely and efficiently.

Discover the Floveyor advantage for dairy and milk powder handling, already trusted by a diverse customer base across the globe.

Where Floveyor can add value

The FloDisc Technology difference

When you take everything into account for optimal food and beverage materials processing, only one conveyor meets all the requirements – Floveyor with FloDisc.® Technology


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Getting a handle on dairy powders

Floveyor has optimised bulk material handling for dairy powders in hundreds of food processing plants around the world. Let’s work together to make sure your plant is operating at peak capacity and safety, with dairy conveyor and process line technology from powder handling specialists.

Send us your product for testing

There’s no need to cry over spilled milk powder. Get in touch with our powder handling specialists to arrange a test using your own product. In the meantime, check out our R&D video testing skimmed milk powder.

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