Celebrating 65 Years

Better powder handling
since 1958

Our Story

For better powder handling since 1958

If you’ve ever eaten a cake, enjoyed a cola, or coated a wall with paint, chances are Floveyor played a part in getting those products into your hands. Floveyor has been helping small manufacturers and world-renowned brands build efficiency and safety into their production lines since 1958.

Founder Robert Walker’s curiosity and passion for engineering drove the creation of an aero-mechanical prototype for moving peanuts. He patented the aero-mechanical method of conveying (AMC).


Today, our proprietary FloDisc® Technology sets us apart in powder handling conveyors.


From our factory in Perth, Western Australia, we design, engineer, manufacture, and distribute our conveyors and process line technology.


Floveyor specialises in powder handling applications for emerging industries like Critical Resources and mature markets such as Agribusiness and Food and Beverage.


Our team adapts each project to meet the unique materials handling challenges and plant design requirements of our customers.

Heritage matters

We began as grassroots inventors inspired by classic technologies. Today we’re world leaders in powder handling.
Floveyor the first aeromechanical conveyor 1958

The First Floveyor

The first Floveyor ever build, Finlay’s nut processing plant, Perth, Western Australia.


Floveyor mobile aeromechanical conveyor


Floveyor goes mobile

Mobile Plunge Feed Floveyor, CBH for loading of wheat into trucks, Western Australia.


Floveyor amc pumping water from dam


Floveyor discovered to pump water


Floveyor removed sediment from farm dams and found to pump water brilliantly. 


Floveyor derailment aeromechanical conveyor cleanup


Floveyor helps with cleanup after a rail crash


Mobile Plunge Feeder Floveyor cleans up after derailment, Northam, Western Australia.




Floveyor goes into industry

Floveyor breaks through into industry operating a foundry in New South Wales. 


Floveyor enters Africa with AMC


Floveyor enters Africa


Floveyor handling river bed fines into a screening operation for tin mining in Kenya.

Floveyor in the food industry


Floveyor refines the food industry


UK exhibition to promote new design considerations for the food industry. 


Floveyor aero mechanical conveying in Japan


Floveyor enters Japan


Floveyor breaks into the Japanese market and remains highly regarded. 




Floveyor brothers in the ’80s


Second-generation Walker engineers in photo shoot after winning the Small Business Award. 

Floveyor amc in factory platform access


Floveyor shows versatility


Floveyor filling packaging machine in small process plant, Victoria.




Floveyor goes mainstream in manufacturing


Allied Group incorporate Floveyor into their operations, New South Wales. 


Floveyor amc industrial application working platform


Floveyor’s global footprint


Dynea/AICA Floveyor handling urea and melamine throughout their Australasian operations. 



Daily diversity in powder handling


Orica handles numerous products in various plants across Australia. 


Floveyor amc processing line cement


Floveyor reliability and availability


Mixing, blending, and packaging system for Australian Mud, Perth, Western Australia.





Floveyor in flavour

Floveyor flavouring line pre-delivery testing, Bangkok, Thailand.


Slashing tanker loading time

Sadleirs Logistics contracts sugar delivery to Coca Cola, Perth, Western Australia.



Full powder delivery system

Incorporating over 80 Floveyor units, Perth, Western Australia.



Floveyor under new ownership 


Rhys Walker continues the Walker family business legacy.


Floveyor Rhys Walker accepting 40under40 award

40Under40 Winner


Managing Director Rhys Walker receives WA Business News 40Under40 Award, Western Australia. 




Tanker Loader install for cement application


Floveyor F5 Endura with dual hopper, dust collection and additional features. 


Battery minerals Floveyor amc


Floveyor enters the battery minerals industry


We install process line of 10 Floveyors for nickel sulphate plant in Europe. 


Floveyor new zealand auckland skyline


Floveyor opens New Zealand office


We expand our international reach and introduce process line technology for global pet food markets. 


Floveyor new product ranges


Floveyor rebrands product ranges


Floveyor launches its newly branded product ranges. 


Rhys Walker MD proudly displaying Telstra Best of Business Finalist Awards


3 Nominations for Telstra Best of Business Awards


Floveyor is recognised in three categories for Outstanding Growth, Sustainability and Embracing Innovation. 


65 years of powder handling innovation

Our first job was peanuts – literally – but today we operate in more than 6,000 installations on six continents to make powder handling safer, faster and cleaner.

Floveyor through the years

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FloDisc® Technology

FloDisc® Technology sets us apart in powder handling conveyors.

How FloDisc® powers Floveyor systems

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