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Starting in 1958, Floveyor pioneered and patented aero-mechanical conveying (AMC). We are an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of Floveyor conveyors and associated equipment used in bulk material handling. Our sole focus is on the safe and efficient handling of dry powders and granules, using the aero-mechanical method of conveying.

Our headquarters are in Perth, Western Australia. In 2021, we expanded our operation by opening a second office in Auckland, New Zealand.

What is a Floveyor?

An original Floveyor is an aero-mechanical conveyor designed, engineered, manufactured and distributed from our factory in Western Australia.

Known for versatility and longevity, Floveyor conveyors are used for materials handling in food and beverage, agriculture, chemical processing, manufacturing, and mining and resources by the world’s largest brands and small manufacturers alike.

Powered by FloDisc Technology

Better powder handling starts with the original Floveyor

FloDisc explained

FloDisc technology distinguishes Floveyors from other powder handling conveyors. It’s the outcome of over 60 years of research and development dedicated to the aero-mechanical method of conveying.

Floveyors are uniquely engineered to optimise the AMC method. FloDisc® Technology uses centrifugal force to suspend raw materials in an air pocket. It propels them to a collection point through a fully enclosed tube.

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How FloDisc powers Floveyor systems