Critical Minerals Conveying

Handling your critical minerals with care

Critical minerals require a new level of care for bulk material handling of powders and granules. Your critical minerals conveying solution must ensure rapid throughput and total batch transfers to keep your process flow running 24 hours a day, if needed. 


Floveyor’s fully enclosed design delivers the lowest possible friction between the material and the inner surface of your conveying solution. The housings are completely sealed, and the conveying system can be cleaned using inert gas purging to mitigate the risk of contamination.


If you’re processing fragile, crystalline minerals like lithium and nickel, Floveyor gently conveys powders and granules to maintain the integrity of your product and maximise your yield. 

Floveyor at work in the Critical Minerals industry

Optimised powder handling application cases:

Battery minerals

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Optimise your critical minerals powder handling

Get maximum yield from your bulk material powder handling for a vast range of critical minerals applications. Find out why mining companies trust Floveyor conveying systems with FloDisc® Technology for even their most critical minerals.

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