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Bulk Bag Unloading Safely and Cleanly: Lakeland Bake Ltd

Floveyor assisted Lakeland Bake to remove the dangerous manual handling component of emptying heavy flour bags into a mixer from above and providing a mobile conveying system.


The customer’s material was flour or various dry and free-flowing ingredients. The material was to be conveyed after a sieving station and delivered into a mixer with a feed rate of 16kg bags every 20-30 seconds.


Floveyor’s partner Gough Engineering UK worked closely with the customer to identify the customer’s issues.


The challenge


The customer wanted to remove the manual handling component of the transportation process, which had historically been completed by staff carrying bags up several steps to empty into the mixer from above.


They also required a mobile conveying system, allowing one conveyor to move material between each process stage.


The solution


Gough Engineering recommended the Floveyor F3 aero-mechanical conveying system. This Floveyor raises material from ground floor to approximately 1.9m in height. It is a clean, safe solution with an excellent small equipment footprint and a maximum throughput of 100m cu./hr. The unique gentle material handling approach by the Floveyor also leaves minimal residue.


The material transition from the sieve to the mobile Floveyor incorporates BFM spigots with toolless fitted flexible connections.


The result


Floveyor shipped the F3 unit to Gough Engineering UK, where the Floveyor unit was fully assembled and tested.


Once installed at Lakeland Bake, the low residue and efficient conveying properties of the Floveyor increased production thanks to limited downtime and low maintenance required.


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