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Floveyor FIBC unloading equipment delivers operational efficiencies

Wastewater treatment plant in South Australia saves money in the process


Kelly Bras from Veolia says that workplace safety is the organisation’s top priority. As South Australia’s State Manager for medical, liquid and hazardous waste, he plays a crucial role in identifying opportunities to improve operations and reduce manual handling of bulk materials.


Manually handling 20 kg bulk bags of hydrated lime


Veolia operates a wastewater treatment plant that relies on hydrated lime to adjust the pH levels of industrial wastewater. Until recently, Veolia operators manually added the powder to bulk liquid.


FIBC unloading and dosing for free-flowing powder handling


After researching different ways to eliminate the manual lifting of bulk bags, Kelly discovered Floveyor’s decanting solutions for flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBC). The ready for use bulk material delivery system provided a perfect way to manage FIBCs, using a Bulk Bag Unloader and an FIBC Dosing Screw Feeder. Kelly says the new equipment allowed Veolia to reduce manual handling whilst maximising efficiency, by changing from 20 kg bags to one-ton bulk bags.


“We’re still adding the same amount of hydrated lime, but we’re handling that using a forklift in what’s an engineering solution rather than a manual-handling solution.”


Veolia uses Floveyor’s powder handling bulk bag unloading equipment to save money in their wastewater operations and improve worker safety.


Floveyor equipment improves worker safety coupled with financial savings


Before investing in bulk bag handling equipment from Floveyor, Veolia was purchasing many smaller bags of lime. Moving to one-tonne bags provided an overall cost saving.


Aside from these improvements, Kelly notes he has been happy with Floveyor’s after sales support.


“My contact with Floveyor has been very positive, Richard and the team have been responsive and helpful,” Kelly says.


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