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Floveyor talks the importance of air pressure for air purge bearings and the benefits of maintenance

As we know, conveyors handling fine dry powders, or corrosive chemicals are often difficult to seal. Fine powders will make their way through traditional mechanical/lip seals into the bearing arrangement over time leading to accelerated wear and premature bearing failure.


To remedy this issue, Floveyor has the option to fit air purge to the bearings of the aero-mechanical conveyor (AMC). Pneumatic fittings are screwed into tapped ports on the bearing housings, which provide a continuous low pressure air purge of 0.3~0.7 Bar. The arrangement provides a positive air pressure that prevents any powder or materials from entering the bearing arrangement.  


It is critical that the air pressure does not exceed 0.7 Bar into the bearing arrangement, as it will displace the seal. Likewise, if the air pressure is lower than 0.3 Bar, it will not sufficiently prevent impurities from entering the bearing arrangement. Both outcomes will result in premature failure.


As part of Floveyor’s continuous improvement program, a pneumatic regulator, pre-set to 0.3~0.7 Bar, fitted to the bearing arrangements will be offered to customers when ordering machines requiring air purge bearings. Customers simply then need to connect their pneumatic feedlines into these pre-set regulators to achieve the correct air pressure.


For advice on your current application or to find out about more about this technology, please contact our aero-mechanical conveying specialists.


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