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Advanced Pet Care relies on Floveyors for 16-hour days

Making a commitment to the health and wellbeing of companion animals worldwide is serious business. Advanced Pet Care of Australia, a Western Australia manufacturing company, fulfils their conviction by using the best-quality Australian ingredients to create a range of pet food, snacks, and treats.


APC’s focus on pet health is more than good business ­– it’s personal. It’s a company full of animal lovers and they never compromise on quality by substituting substandard materials or taking shortcuts in their production process.


Fast, low-maintenance conveying for WA agriculture manufacturer


Ron Conway, production manager at Advanced Pet Care (APC), oversees an operation that runs two production shifts a day. Fresh, whole Australian grains are received and stored in onsite silos which feed into a modern grinding, batching and extrusion plant. Floveyor conveyors have been in use at APC for more than 20 years.


“The main reason we chose Floveyors was because of their size,” Ron said.


“The machines are slimline which helps with a space issue.”


APC has five Floveyors in all. One machine, an F4, is in heavy use to manage the powder handling for dog food mixes.

Ron credits the Floveyor conveyor for being workhorse machinery that helps keep the operation ticking along.


“It’s a fast, low-maintenance conveyor,” Ron said.


“We run about four tonne an hour, at the moment, over two shifts.


“We run 16 hours a day, so that’s quite a lot.”


Required maintenance is minimal, with APC doing maintenance checks every quarter to check on rope tension and to ensure everything is in good working order. Ropes need replacing, on average, about once a year.


“They do last quite a while. Some ropes have gone for a lot longer than 12 months. It depends on how often you use it,” Ron said.


In addition to their own brands and product lines, APC also manufactures pet food for a number of major international, national and multinational companies. The company exports about 90% of their dry kibble pet food to overseas markets, mostly to Asia.


For more information about Floveyor complete conveying systems


If you’d like to find out how Floveyor can help you with your agriculture manufacturing challenges, get in touch. Our roots are in the agricultural industry and it’s where we’ve been transferring powders and granules since 1958.