Integrate Floveyor process technology into your next large-scale project

Integrate Floveyor process technology into your next project

Since 1958, Floveyor has been a leading materials specialist in process technology across multiple industries. Floveyors handle thousands of materials – from free-flowing to challenging – in powder, granule, flake or pellet form. Our focus is on throughput while maintaining product integrity – regardless of any flow-resistant properties of the materials you are handling.

Moving materials in your process line


Our equipment ranges fit in brownfield and greenfield process lines for product infeed, conveying, weighing, dosing and packing. Floveyor machinery and equipment are used in 6,000+ installations in more than 50 countries. Here’s where we fit.

Introduction of materials into the process

Preparing materials for processing

Moving materials around your process

Material feeding and weighing

End-of-Process Filling

Plant Design

All our machinery is designed, engineered and manufactured to exacting standards in our factory in Perth, Western Australia. 

Starting a new plant or expanding the one you have?

Our company was founded by engineers and engineering remains at the heart of all we do. Our proprietary FloDisc technology enables massive throughputs and maintains capacity at any angle. The fully enclosed system is suitable for a multitude of conveying applications.

Floveyors require a minimal footprint

Fixed in place or mobile designs

Easy to clean

Hygienic and dust-free options

Designed to integrate seamlessly

Can scale up or down with your operation

Lasts for decades because that’s how we’ve engineered them

Energy efficient and lower lifetime total cost of ownership

Explore how you can work with our materials handling specialists on your next powder handling project. We’re also happy to organise materials handling testing in our research centre.

Learn more about process line technology

Our conveyor ranges are available with complementary equipment to keep your plant process moving efficiently and safely.