Research and development is in our DNA

Three generations of Floveyor teams have applied their unparalleled engineering nous and insatiable curiosity to inventing aero-mechanical solutions for a myriad of unique material handling needs.

Our current team continues to invent, innovate and expand the range and versatility of our products.

Floveyor’s in house Research Centre is integral to our operations. We conduct free material testing for customers, test the performance potential of fledgling designs and demonstrate new equipment to interested buyers.

Free Materials testing

We back our reputation for innovation and integrity with rigorous materials testing and unbiased advice. Based on our experience and skill in matching machines to materials, Floveyors move hundreds of products in very diverse environments all across the globe.

However, if the Floveyor is not the most appropriate system for your product, we will recommend an alternative.

Request a material test

If you cannot be present for the test we will send you a video accompanied by a full report and recommendations within two business days of the test.

The report will also include information about the projected performance for your material drawn from our extensive product trials database.

We can also supply ‘before’ and ‘after’ catch samples on request.

Product specific test machinery

Our Research Centre is fully equipped with a range of Floveyors and complementary equipment.

This means we can simulate your site specific needs as closely as possible to plan for environmental factors such as layout and integration with existing plant. We will also loan equipment for extended onsite trials to test for optimum configuration and system efficiency.

Contact Us

Contact our materials handling specialists to discuss any aspect of material testing and system design.

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