Inventors of the aero-mechanical conveyor

The Floveyor story began with a deceptively simple piece of engineering ingenuity that changed bulk material handling systems forever.

In 1950s Western Australia, our founder Robert Walker drew inspiration from a classical Chinese Dragon Spine conveyor to create a highly efficient aero- mechanical prototype for conveying peanuts.

Robert took an ancient irrigation system and revolutionised its principles into fluidising technology to work for powders and granules – the Floveyor was born. Sixty something years after Robert’s curiosity and inventiveness created the world’s first aero-mechanical solution for bulk material handling, new generation Floveyors continue to exceed everyone’s expectations.

Today Floveyor is a global provider of aero–mechanical conveying expertise and our equipment still sets the industry benchmark for quality, safety and reliability. Floveyors convey thousands of materials in many diverse industries with unrivalled efficiency and unmatched care. These attributes combined with our portfolio of complementary equipment, ensures that we maintain our position as the world’s leading authority on aero-mechanical conveyors.

As a third generation family company proud of our pioneering heritage, we are committed to matching the effortlessly high performance of our conveyors in every aspect of our business including: our passion for innovation in research and design, our fully customised engineering solutions for the needs of our customers and our peerless after sales service and support.

Heritage matters

We began as grass roots inventors inspired by classic technologies.

Today we’re world leaders in aero-mechanical conveying solutions.

Much has changed.

Two things haven’t – our core values of simplicity in conveying and integrity in everything, and our hardwired passion for finding ingenious solutions.


The 1st Floveyor

The first Floveyors ever built, Finlays nut processing plant, Perth, Western Australia.


Floveyor goes mobile

Mobile Plunge Feed Floveyor, CBH for loading of wheat into trucks, Western Australia.


Floveyor discovered to pump water

Floveyor removes sediment from farm dams and found to pump water brilliantly.


Floveyor helps with cleanup after a rail crash

Mobile Plunge Feed Floveyor cleans up after derailment, Northam Western Australia.


Floveyor goes into industry

Floveyor breaks through into industry operating in a foundry in New South Wales.


Floveyor enters Africa

Floveyor handling river bed fines into a screening operation for tin mining, Kenya.


Floveyor is refined for the food industry

Floveyor setup for UK exhibition after some redesign for the food industry.


Floveyor enter Japan

Floveyor breaks into the Japan market and has been highly regarded since then.


The Walker Brothers in the 80s

The Walker brothers in photo shoot after winning the Small Business Award.


Floveyor shows it versatility

Floveyor filling packaging machine in small process plant, Victoria.


Floveyor becomes a mainstream part of manufacturing

Allied Group incorporate the Floveyor into their operations, New South Wales.


With global footprints

Dynea / AICA Floveyors handling Urea & Melamine throughout their Australasian operations


Any day any application

Orica handle a range of products throughout various plants in Australia.


Trusted Floveyor Dependability

Australian Mud mixing, blending and packaging system, Perth Western Australia.


Floveyor in flavouring line

Floveyor System flavouring line pre-delivery testing, Bangkok, Thailand.


Tanker Loading

Sadliers Logistics contract sugar delivery to Coca-Cola, Perth, Western Australia.


Full powder delivery system

Full powder delivery system incorporating over 80 units, Perth Western Australia.


Bright Future

And it's the dawn of a new day for Floveyor across the world.