Reliable, adaptable, uncomplicated

Floveyor aero-mechanical industrial conveyors are renowned for their simplicity, versatility and reliability.

As a world leading industrial conveying system, they move thousands of materials as powders or granules with equal efficiency and speed. Our unique fluidising technology enables the Floveyor to convey most materials effortlessly regardless of their unique characteristics and any associated challenges to efficient materials handling.

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A typical schedule for a Floveyor handling industrial materials could involve conveying:

  • PVC Pellets vertically at 5,000kg/hour on Monday
  • Urea prills at 25,000kg/hour on any inclination on Tuesday
  • 20nm particles of carbon black dust at a vertical decline running at only 50kg/hour on Wednesday

This schedule would only require a simple wet or dry cleanout between products and adjustment of the Floveyor angle.

Floveyor understands that an effortlessly flexible operation is critical to minimise your operational costs and maximise production efficiency. An industrial conveying system must be sufficiently robust and adaptable to handle a vast variety of materials in any configuration at varying capacities between full loads, sporadic feeding and running empty between batches.

Our new Industrial Floveyors embody everything we’ve learned over half a century of providing ‘peace of mind’ solutions for our customers’ industrial conveying needs.
Choosing an Industrial Floveyor will deliver a globally trusted, technically advanced materials handling solution that will not let you down.

Industrial Floveyor's key capabilities

  • Delivers high throughputs comparable with much larger systems requiring greater energy consumption and heavy structural supports
  • Operates at any angle without diminishing maximum throughputs
  • Delivers hassle free conveying of difficult materials such as Titanium Dioxide Ti02 & Carbon Black due its unique fluidising action
  • Handles materials at temperatures of more than 110°C due to its robust, durable construction
  • Integrates easily with existing plant and equipment without the need for filter systems and expensive complementary equipment and structural supports
  • Requires minimal operational maintenance due to our industry leading rope assemblies and motorised tension adjustment
  • Conveys hazardous materials safely via a fully enclosed system
  • Promotes workplace comfort and safety as a clean, low noise solution

Economical, compatible and safe

An Industrial Floveyor is one of the most cost effective methods for dry bulk elevation and conveying. Its simplicity, modular design and small footprint make it effortless to install, commission and operate.

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