A unique materials handling system

The Floveyor or Aero-mechanical Conveyor is a unique material handling conveyor system for dry powders and granules.

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A small efficient motor drives an internally circulating rope assembly at high speed to generate centrifugal force. This movement suspends raw material in an air pocket and propels it rapidly but gently to a collection point. Floveyor’s fluidizing technology and a host of other distinctive attributes make it the perfect materials handling solution for a wide range of industry applications where the following elements are crucial to efficient operations:

  • gentle transport of materials
  • minimal residue and easy clean systems
  • fully enclosed and modular installations
  • small footprint equipment capable of high throughputs
  • no product degradation or separation of blends
  • high quality system with lower long run operational expenditure
Floveyor technology animated Floveyor technology

Hinged top cover plate

Head chute

The fluidized material is deposited into the receiving vessel

Tubes containing rope assembly

A wire rope assembly with equidistant polymer discs circulates through tubing at high speed creating a recirculating airstream.

Infeed Hopper

Available with a variety of options from gravity fed hoppers to control feed screweeders

Standard base

Feed housing

Control fed material is captured by centrifugal force and fluidized in the airstream, suspended between the travelling discs.


Tension Arrangement

Available with either a 24v Electric Actuator for effortless remote adjustment, or a manual jacking bolt for simplicity

Discharge housing


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