Get the Floveyor edge

Floveyor aero-mechanical conveyors provide a highly competitive cost and energy efficient conveying solution for innumerable powders and granules.

They have a number of distinctive attributes, which combine to give them the edge.

  • Clean, safe, low maintenance operations
  • Versatile, economical and uncomplicated
  • and efficient with challenging materials

Clean, safe, low maintenance operations

Floveyors are designed for contamination free materials transfer.

As a full enclosed conveyor with meticulous attention paid to ensuring a sealed, crack and crevice free system, Floveyors provide the utmost peace of mind where product safety and integrity are concerned. It is also possible to add a completely polymer coated rope assembly with its smooth surfaces that prevents build up of any kind.

As Floveyors are fully enclosed and intrinsically safe, they:

  • operate dust free and mitigate explosion risks for hazardous materials
  • minimise external environmental contamination and internal equipment residue by delivering total batch transfer
  • are easily cleaned using dry or wet methods
  • protect materials from contamination and degradation
  • are FDA and EU approved for food production and operable across a range of ATEX or IECEX zones

Versatile, economical and uncomplicated

Floveyor’s legendary energy efficiency sets them apart from alternative dry materials handling systems.

They adapt readily to any industry application in any location.

Floveyor Aero-mechanical conveyors:

  • deliver high throughputs using minimal power
  • operate at any angle without any loss of capacity
  • are filter free and have a single, highly durable consumable component
  • integrate seamlessly with existing plant and equipment
  • have a small footprint and require minimal support
  • are robust and heat resistant, handling materials at more than 110⁰C
  • do not require filtration and extraction or a range of other ancillary equipment essential in alternative systems

Gentle and efficient with challenging materials

Floveyor’s distinctive fluidizing technology protects product integrity and prevents blend separation.

They also:

  • simplify the transfer of difficult materials such as Titanium Dioxide Ti02 and Carbon Black
  • promote faster downstream wet mixing and blending processes
  • convey fragile materials without damage

The Floveyor team has over 50 years of experience in design innovation in aero – mechanical conveying. Our safe, agile, efficient conveyors are renowned for saving energy, time and money for materials handling applications for a plethora of companies everywhere

Made to fit your application

Floveyors come in three sizes. They move a huge variety of materials at volumes and rates between 100kg/per hour and more than 100,000kg/per hour depending on the material’s characteristics.

Floveyors are manufactured ‘to order’ to ensure an exact fit with your specifications. They are delivered in modular, pre-assembled components ready for to integrate with your new or current plant.

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