The material facts

Floveyors handle hundreds of bulk materials as powders, granules, flakes or pellets, so it is highly likely that your product is already is on our list.

Floveyor provides safe, high-speed conveying for the finest powders to the most fragile nuts, ensuring minimal damage to the materials being handled.  Floveyor will provide video recorded tests for all materials to ascertain how effective our machines will be for your product – just contact us to arrange for a test at your convenience.

There’s no better method for conveying dry powder and granules than the Floveyor patented AMC technology. Floveyor can work with you to streamline conveying in your business, for food, nutritional supplements, chemicals, agricultural and life sciences industries, with the option of customising machinery to meet your particular requirements.

Our system provides material handling that is fully enclosed, safe and easy to clean, resulting in minimal wastage and without degradation of materials or separation of blends.  You can also use the one machine for multiple materials.

Floveyor conveyors and related conveying equipment are in operation every day in 52 countries, by some of the world’s largest brands and small manufacturers alike.

Contact us now with your requirements for reliable, economical fine material conveying.