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BGC Plasterboard – an effortless upgrade in record time

BGC Plasterboard is part of the Western Australian based BGC group of companies. BGC is one of Australia’s largest privately owned enterprises. It operates nationally in the construction, transport, mining and property management sectors.


BGC Plasterboard’s Hazelmere facility manufactures a complete range of plasterboard, cornice and specialty plaster products for the building industry.

BGC Case Study

The Challenge


In 2016 the company rebranded and extended their operations.


They needed a vertical powder transfer system for a new paste line using ready mixed fillers. This system had to:

  • operate dust free and at high speed
  • handle multiple ingredient additions of varying sizes
  • deliver total batch transfer vertically over 10 meters
  • be installed and running in record time to coincide with BGC’s rebranding launch date


BGC Plasterboard has relied on Floveyors to handle their products since 2003. They already had four Floveyors handling vermiculite, clay and recycled dry board.


As BGC Plasterboard’s Engineering and Maintenance Manager Durrell Hammond noted,


“ We had total confidence in using a Floveyor Aero Mechanical Conveyor for this new plant as we had many years of trouble free operation with our existing units on a range of products.”


The Solution


In consultation with the BGC Plasterboard team, we determined that an F3 (3”) Floveyor x 9.5m vertical unit would achieve the required throughputs.


BGC Plasterboard had an existing F3 Floveyor available which we were able to adapt to meet these requirements. The F3’s versatile aero-mechanical technology meant it could easily convey the new materials, none of which were included in its original scope.


By lengthening the tubes and the rope extension we were able to extend the conveying distance to 10 metres and increase the original 75 degree angle to vertical.


The Results


Within a week of our initial discussions, the upgraded F3 was up and running. Floveyor’s simple modular design and legendary adaptability left BGC Plasterboard’s engineering team free to focus on preparing to meet the tight re-launch deadline. At this busy time in a major project, Durrell Hammond didn’t need to give his new powder handling application another thought. Furthermore, he readily endorses the F3 Floveyor’s overall performance.


“It was so simple to modify and rebuild the existing unit to meet the new requirements. We are extremely happy with the final solution which is working extremely well on our new product production plant”