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Bundaberg Brewed Drinks – An off the wall solution for bulk sugar handling

Founded by the Fleming family in 1960, Bundaberg Brewed Drinks’  have been brewing premium beverages for generations. Today the company’s signature Ginger Beer is part of an extensive product range exported to over 40 countries. This dynamic family owned company has stayed true to their Queensland origins, keeping their growing business in Bundaberg and continuing to use locally grown cane sugar and ginger.


The challenge


In 2014 Bundaberg began a major expansion of their brewing process. They required a new bulk sugar handling system that was quick, quiet and easy to clean and maintain.


Most importantly, Bundaberg‘s intent was to isolate the wet process area from their dry materials handling, for this reason they required a food grade conveying system that would feed sugar through a solid wall.


When project designers and managers, New South Wales based ME Engineering investigated sugar handling options, they talked to major Queensland millers Bundaberg Sugar. Bundaberg Sugar, are the upgrade project’s designated sugar supplier and have had a successful long term relationship with Floveyor. We have designed and installed multiple Floveyors at Bundaberg Sugar and they were well placed to recommend our aero-mechanical conveying expertise and experience.


Based on Bundaberg Sugar’s advice, ME Engineering established that a Floveyor would meet the project’s conveying requirements for:

  • quiet, high speed transfer at 24 TPH
  • low running costs and efficient energy consumption using a 4 kw motor
  • dust and filtration free processing
  • easy access for wet or dry cleaning and minimal maintenance.

The solution


We supplied a single F4 Floveyor  fed from a Y chute. The chute is connected to a twin bulk bag unloading frame with integrated hoists.


The Floveyor operates from the dry warehouse area to ensure easy bulk bag unloading. It transfers bulk sugar through a sealed hole in the solid wall separating the dry and wet areas.


Our aero-mechanical system operates without vibration or movement making it possible to seal the opening securely against the Floveyor’s solid tubes.


The results


Floveyors’ distinctive attributes and adaptability provided an ideal solution to a challenging logistical problem for bulk sugar handling.


The aero-mechanical conveyor’s clean, quiet operation and capacity to operate safely through a sealed hole in a solid wall also contributed to a successful hazard assessment of Bundaberg Brewed Drinks’ dry area.


The last words


Darren Smith, Bundaberg Brewed Drinks Engineering Manager worked extensively with the Floveyor team on the bulk sugar handling project and extended his appreciation:

“The equipment met all our expectations and we have no additional site work to complete. This was due in large to Floveyor design and information supplied to our engineering consultants prior to the installation which lead to a smooth transition.”