Floveyors for all applications

Floveyor’s aero-mechanical conveyors operate globally, in food processing where hygiene is the top priority, to bulk handling, where speed rules.

We can deliver an efficient, cost effective conveying solution to match your company’s materials handling priorities, now and into the future.

Floveyor Profiles

Floveyors come in three sizes. They move a huge variety of materials at volumes and rates between 100kg/per hour and more than 100,000kg/per hour depending on the material’s characteristics.



3"/76mm Tubes

Floveyor F3

System Features

  • Small, versatile and highly mobile


Appropriate for: manual bag unloading, mobile and point to point plant transfer


From a trickle feed up to 30,000kg/hour

Energy consumption

1.5 - 2.2 kW motor

Conveying distance

45’0’’/ 13.7m
Will maximise long term operations and minimize maintenance



4”/102mm tubes

Floveyor F4

System Features

  • The Floveyor workhorse
  • Mobile and adaptable


Appropriate for FIBC unloading, fixed plant installations


Up to 60,000 kgs /hour

Energy consumption

3kW motor or upgrade to 5.5kWs for especially long or heavy applications

Conveying distance

65’0” / 19.8m
Will maximise long term operations and minimize maintenance



5”/127mm tubes

Floveyor F5

System Features

  • The Bucket Elevator alternative, used in Floveyor Tanker Loaders.
  • Moves ‘mountains’ with minimal structural support and smaller footprint.


Appropriate for bulk transfer, FIBC unloading and fixed plant installs.


Up to 105,000 kgs /hour

Energy consumption

5.5 – 7.5 kW motor

Conveying distance

55’0” / 16.7m
Will maximise long term operations and minimize maintenance

Floveyor's ‘fit for purpose’ design

Floveyor has decades of experience and expertise in designing successful conveying systems.

We begin by meticulously identifying the parameters of your operation. These parameters include, your product’s material flow characteristics and any site constraints and particular operational requirements. Once this initial work is complete, we design and build your Floveyor, using the following defining principles:

Floveyor’s defining design principles

Safe for hazardous materials

This potentially lethal hazard is an issue for many industries.

Around 70% of industrial powders have the potential to combust if exposed to a viable ignition source and sufficient oxygen to sustain a fire. The list of combustible materials is diverse and includes:

  • most solid organic materials such as: sugar, flour, grain and wood
  • many metals such as: aluminium, magnesium and zinc
  • many chemicals such as: lactose, dextrin and paraformaldehyde
  • some non-metallic inorganic materials such as rubber, plastics and resins

As a completely enclosed system, the Floveyor is an excellent solution for conveying hazardous materials with dust explosion risks, or in environments that require intrinsically safe conveyors. The Floveyor will handle potentially explosive products without any danger provided the appropriate components and accessories and the relevant ‘Ex’ rated motors and electrical control equipment are fitted to the relevant standard.

It is important to identify hazardous materials or plant risks during scoping to ensure that adequate provisions are made for supplying the appropriate specified equipment.

Please note that hazardous area classification for the environment of the equipment is not a requirement for Floveyor Pty Ltd or its Agents but is a duty of the customer, as described in the OSH ATEX-directive

Minimise dust

Containing dust is a perennial problem for bulk materials handling applications.

At worst, accumulated product dust can pose an extremely hazardous explosion risk. Day to day it creates an unhygienic workplace, threatens product safety and represents lost profitability due to product wastage and lost time due to additional cleaning and maintenance.

The Floveyor is a fully enclosed system with low circulating air volumes. It is designed to minimise dust emissions thereby mitigating one of the single most dangerous and difficult factors in bulk materials handling. These specific design attributes provide a huge advantage in managing the problematic dust buildups typically encountered during the transport of material. However, correct system design; component selection, preventive maintenance and good housekeeping practices are all essential factors in a dust free operation.

Floveyor can supply complementary equipment to collect dust during unloading or discharge, including: dust collectors, hoods, sealed discharge connections, discharge extraction accessories and glove box dump stations to collect residual material and dust during empty bag disposal.

Prevent degradation and separation

The Floveyor’s unique fluidizing technology conveys blended powder and granules of varying density, size and shape without separating or degrading the blend.


Many traditional conveying systems struggle to maintain the integrity of raw
materials at the requisite levels. However, the Floveyor’s aero-mechanical system consistently delivers a high quality end product. Consequently, the Floveyor has been used globally for decades to handle a range of sensitive products including: graded grain and seeds, milk powder, roasted coffee beans and leaf tea.


The Floveyor conveys blended powders and granules intact with little separation. It has decades of experience as globally trusted technology for conveying finished blended products such as: tile cements and grouts, dry cake mixes, breakfast cereals and muesli, leaf tea blends, powdered drink mixes and a host of other similarly compounded products across a range of industries.

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