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Tackling the Challenges of Cocoa Handling

Conveying Chocolate, Cocoa Powder & Cocoa Beans


Everyone loves chocolate, or at least this assumption would seem evident from the increase in global cocoa production over the past several years. Global production of cocoa beans increased by 13% in the past four years, reaching 4.8 million metric tons in the previous year. Alongside production, global demand is sharply increasing as well. One of the main reasons for this is an emerging middle class in China.


Cocoa powder comes from the beans (seeds) of cacao trees, a tropical plant grown in Africa, Southeast Asia, Hawaii, Brazil, Colombia and other countries where rainforest conditions exist.


Characteristics and Challenges of Cocoa


Difficult to Handle:

Cocoa powder cakes and packs easily and has the tendency to fluidize which means. it often deposits in the conveying line. It is a hygroscopic material, so moisture control is of high importance element during handling.


Preventing spills can be common resulting in wasted cocoa product and time to clean up


Difficult to Seal:

As we know, conveyors handling fine dry powders, such as chocolate/cocoa powders are often difficult to seal. There are several challenges faced by our clients when conveying cocoa is it is a delicate and often expensive product and must be conveyed gently to preserve the integrity of the product especially if the conveyor is to be used at the end of the process before packaging.


The Hygienic AMC – The Perfect Solution for Conveying Cocoa


Our hygienic and industrial aero-mechanical conveyors (AMC) are the ultimate cocoa handling solution. We have an unmatched reputation for safe, innovative food industry conveying with cocoa being a well-established product on our resume. Team the AMC’s with low investment and operational costs and you’ll get the ultimate cocoa conveying production peace of mind to dominate your industry.


Protect your competitive edge

  • Green
    one of the planet’s most energy-efficient conveying systems
  • Rapid
    elevates up to 500kg per minute, at any angle
  • Trusted
    relied on in more than 5,000 installations in over 50 countries, for over 60 years


It is no secret that the Floveyor AMC’s design ingenuity slashes maintenance and cleaning downtime and optimises product and operator safety. Added to this, our fully enclosed aero-mechanical conveying system delivers peerlessly fast throughputs and one of the lowest energy bills in the business.